usb 3

  1. L

    USB to HDMI not working

    Hi! I don't understand why, but my USB to HDMI cable isn't working. I bought it from Amazon and in the description it said that it didn't need a drivers being installed. Also, I think this is the problem but I'm unsure, it's classed in my device manager in "audio inputs and outputs" as Digital...
  2. raveeno2005

    USB to VGA connection to second monitor Acer Aspire C24-760

    Hi, I have an all-in-one Acer Aspire C24-760 computer. I also have a dell monitor which I want to connect to my pc and use it as a second screen simultaneously. The connection between the monitor is as below: - One end of VGA cable connected to VGA port on monitor -Other end of VGA cable...
  3. MostafaDesha

    Difference in USB-C cables

    Hey i got a question I wanted to buy a USB-C 3.0 cable from anker Anyway i found i another cable with 3.1 It should be faster but my pc supports 3.0 If i got the 3.1 will i benefit from it or will it just the regular 3.0 speed ?! Hope i made my point
  4. B

    Unable to install Windows 7

    hello Guys, I have a laptop and I can’t manage to install Windows 7 on it. I have both a cd and bootable USB. My laptop is an msi ge62 6QC apache which previously had Windows 10 on it. At this point I have all drives formatted. The pc can’t trad the Windows 7 cd, but it can start up Windows...
  5. H

    USB Controller is in State of Failure or Not Installed

    I'm having a problem with my laptop recognizing my new mechanical keyboard. It connects when I try it randomly sometimes, but if I unplug it and plug it back in, it won't work, even if I restart the computer. I've been looking for a method to get it to work consistently. The first day I used...
  6. F

    Solved Live Streaming With 2 Video Cameras

    Hello All I would like to know what equipment I need in order to be able to live stream at my church? We currently have two Sony HXR MC-2500 and are planning to use the HDMI port on the camera. Currently, we are having a little difficulty figuring out how we're going to live stream at our...
  7. W

    Solved USB 3.0 Issues

    Today i got a new USB disk, its labelled a USB 3.0 flash and is capable of reaching speeds of 140 mb/s When i tested it the best i can get is 20 mb/s Yes my motherboard has USB 3.0 ports, iv used another flash before and got speeds of up to 80 mb/s but this flash wont work. Am i missing...
  8. T

    Went from usb 3 problem to can't boot Windows 10 at all

    Hi everyone, I had some Usb 3 devices (hard drives and flash drives) that I knew work, but weren't recognized specifically on the usb 3 ports of my own desktop computer. They weren't even appearing nameless in the Disk management. I did have a small error sign in the Device Manager at the USB...
  9. L

    USB Device Descrptior Request Failed Issue. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey guys... I am about ready to pull what hair I have left out of my head. Here is my setup: -MSI X99A Pro Carbon motherboard -Intel Core i7 6800K prcessor w/Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 cooler -32 gigs of DDR 4 Quad Channel ram -Windows 10 Pro -One SSD 250GB Intel drive for OS -5 internal HDDs...
  10. A

    Headset Help Please

    Hey guys so long story short my headset went kaput one day but it was old so I saw this coming, got a new headset and plugged it in, it was working fine for a short while then this one went kaput for seemingly no reason (while it was working i did some set up and noticed some sporatic static not...
  11. zebragoose

    Solved Windows 7 won't boot following driver update

    I've searched for solutions to this problem as best I could, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing, so thanks in advance for your patience with the newbie if I've missed something that covers this. I include bold not to be annoying, but to hopefully make this more scannable...