usb-c 3.1

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    Can I transfer data between two Windows computers with a USB

    I wonder if I could migrate data between two Windows computers with a USB-C cable (but not one of those unusual cables with a knot in the middle, just a normal USB-C cable) and with Windows default software (not any third party software). Would that be faster than using a crossover Ethernet...
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    Using USB-C of Asus K556UR to LG 38UC99 Display

    Hi, I have a asus K556UR and I want buy a LG 38uc99 ultrawide QHD+ display. the good thing on it is that this display can receive video, audio, communicate like a usb and charge your laptop via ONLY a USB TYPE-C CABLE. My question is that my laptop (with 1 usb-c superspeed (not a superspeed+))...