usb issue

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    Headphones not working right

    Hello. I been searching all day for a fix. I tried everything I think. My problem is I have a ear force x12 headset I use it for my laptop. My laptop has one jack that is headphones/microphone and I only have to plug the green audio in and the usb and it use to work fine. I could hear audio thru...
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    Freezes, boot problems and USB issues

    I'm almost a complete beginner so forgive me if I'm talking rubbish. My laptop freezes on a regular basis with the last second of audio buzzing. The only way to turn it off is to hold power button down. Turn it back on and there is no guarantee that Windows will start back up, usually takes...
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    USB is not Working need Super Help .

    Hi all I have Kingston 128 GB USB and the problem is that whenever I transfer any data it copied successfully and then I plug it out.. But when i want to open that data while i reconnect it ... It shows me folder size is 0 bytes and Empty .
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    Moto g3 with android 6.0

    Hi Guys, I recently upgraded my moto g3 to android 6.0 and ever since when i connect my phone via USB cable my computer does not detect my external card which is in my phone. It just shows the external card name and displays the memory available as well but when i go inside there are no...