usb microphone

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    USB microphone issue

    I recently bought a usb microphone and it randomly disappears from my recording devices or not load at all during startup. I tried connecting it to a laptop and it hasn't had any issues there. I tried uninstalling usb drivers from the device manager and restarting but it doesn't fix the problem.
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    USB Buzz

    Hey, guys! So, several months ago, my PC fell off my desk (thanks to my cat.) and I thought it had messed up some of my wires to my condenser microphone (Which feeds from my mic to my phantom power into my USB), I got new wires but they all still had this annoying buzzing sound. Finally, I gave...
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    Audacity Podcast Nightmare

    Hello, Probably a multi-step answer. If those answers could be dumbed down enough that someone in their 80's could follow them as I am practically a luddite would be sweet. I purchased a Behringer Podcast Studio. I have a HP notebook (which I reckon is a POS), running Windows 10. I have hooked...