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    Asus Zenbook USB Port

    This is an embarrassingly simple question, but I have an ASUS Zenbook (I do not know the model, as it was a present. It's a touchscreen if that helps identify it) and it has no USB ports. It comes with a small device that you can plug into one of the charging ports and connect a USB to, but I...
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    Usb issues

    So I have a alienware steam machine alpha and it has 4 usb ports they work with keyboards, mice, controllers, but they do not work with my external hard drive nor my go pro. Just nothing happens on my computer. The hard drive works as I have tested it on another pc and I have tested the go pro...
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    External Hard-drive Issue

    So I have an external hard drive and I connected to my laptop using my USB port. The computer is reading it, saying it's there when I look up in my disc management, but when I try to transfer my photos and videos, I can't see it under the "Computer" tab. I have tried updating the driver and...
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    Solved Razer Deathstalker Chroma cuts out backlit broken

    So I recently got this keyboard, the Razer Deathstalker Chroma, and it's been playing up for a while. When turning on my computer in the morning my mouse and everything lights up, apart from the keyboard when only the Caps lock, gaming mode, num lock and others light up, but the keys themselves...