usb ports

  1. Hanableking28

    USB A to USB C

    I'm trying to charge my laptop during loadshedding with a powerbank. I don't have a USB C port but I got an adapter for my USB A port. I read that it was possible with the adapter to charge the laptop but it would be very slow. I can only get the laptop to charge the powerbank and not the other...
  2. J

    Motherboard slots not working

    Hey everyone I opened up my PC today to do some better cable management in my new PC that I built and after putting back together it turns on and everything but the ports from the mothboard are not working. The ram, graffic card and SSd are working so I can get display and I can plug my...
  3. S

    USB ports not working

    My USB ports/mouse and keyboard stopped working (except in bios) after i installed my Rtx 2080s , we tried to put the old 1060 back in but the ports still did not work.
  4. tp3813

    Weird Win 10 Prob

    Well, Windows has improved a lot since the bad old days, nowadays Windows 10 is fairly stable. Having said that my version has just developed a weird problem. When watching video, normally for longer time like 20-30 minutes or so, it suddenly freezes the whole computer, sometimes silently...
  5. F

    Asus Zenbook USB Port

    This is an embarrassingly simple question, but I have an ASUS Zenbook (I do not know the model, as it was a present. It's a touchscreen if that helps identify it) and it has no USB ports. It comes with a small device that you can plug into one of the charging ports and connect a USB to, but I...
  6. Y

    Solved Usb ports not working after driver updates using DriverEasy

    As the title says , none of the usb ports are working. The device which I have has windows 7 installed, and is used for teaching purposes. Im not able to use the mouse and keyboard at all. What do I do now? Is there any way to get them working again? I also can't use any DVDs because the device...
  7. J

    USB Ports Malfunctioning

    Hi, I have been going a bit crazy trying to fix the USB ports on my Alienware laptop w/ Windows 10 operating system. For the longest time none of the ports worked. I tried many many things and finally wiped the entire system hoping that a fresh start would fix the issue. Now one of the ports...
  8. S

    My USB ports don't work after I factory reset my Desktop PC

    After factory resetting my Windows 10 PC it brang me to the Country/Region page to fill out my region and language and what not but since my keyboard and mouse are plugged in like USB's they don't turn on and can't use my keyboard and mouse. The only time they do turn on however is when the PC...
  9. 1

    Solved usb ports not working

    I used to only have 1 out of 4 ports working on the left of my Fujitsu laptop but now it doesn't work either >when I plug my mouse I don't even get an unrecognized message. >the red light of the mouse only shows for a second then stops I've tried: >restaring laptop >reseting bios >uninstalling...
  10. H

    USB port only works with specific cable

    Laptop running vista, it has two USB ports on it. Recently both USB ports stopped working and had no power to them either, I couldn't see them in computer or in disk management, I tried updating all drivers and also tried removing all USB from registry and rebooting system but still no change to...
  11. L

    Usb ports and ether cable not working when Windows loads in

    So I bought a new computer (Lenovo Y 700 17.3") with no OS on it and pirated (yes I know, that's not the problem, also tried the 30 days free version) Windows 7 on it. Before the Windows boots on the usb ports are working (has no dvd reader so I had to use usb to get the Windows on anyway) and...