1. M

    Dell studio xps 9100 3.0 usb problems!!!!

    Hi! so I have a dell studio xps 9100 and it did not have the 3.0 usb in the front (I know it was an option long ago but want to install one). I was wondering if anyone knows what piece I would need to buy to install it. Ive watched many videos and they link me to some that look like they could...
  2. natalia.12

    Usb bootable device not working

    Both of my hard drives are gone but I have a WD blue ssd 250gb. I am trying to setup media creation tool windows 10 with a usb. My pc recognizes my usb and i have it on boot priority in BIOS utility. but when i “save and exit” it just reroutes me back to BIOS utility instead of setting up. I...
  3. H

    Kali Linux Live with Persistence Not Booting on MacBook Air

    When a try to boot kali live (single boot) from a USB it works. However, when I try to boot kali live with persistence it gives a series of ACPI errors and then stops booting kali, booting into Mac Catalina instead. (photo of errors I see when I try to boot kali live from usb with persistence...
  4. S

    Windows network reset!

    Hello, I really need some help with my computer and network stuff. I was getting a low download speed and I thought that using windows network reset would be a good idea. It told me to wait five minutes but I decided to reset it my self I waited for my pc to turn back on then my adapter wasn’t...
  5. G

    format usb

    i cant reformat my usb to a storage device after using it for a boot device. ive tries ao many things
  6. A

    USB not connecting and not showing up in device manager

    I am trying to connect an xbox one controller into my computer to play a certain game. However, when I plug the USB in, it does not show up on my PC or in device manager. My mouse, keyboard and all my other peripherals are working fine, but not my controller. I have tried using multiple...
  7. R

    hard drive swap

    Hey, I need help figuring out what to do. I swapped a hard drive froma HP G60 with windows 7 Home Premium into a Compaq CQ60 that used to have Windows Vista. I need to figure out how to authenticate Windows product key and get the USB's to work. I tried downloading the USB drivers for Compaq...
  8. A

    USB stuck and broken

    I got a wireless mouse a couple months ago, taking it to school on my bike rides. Although recentley I've had a problem where the usb gets stuck inside the usb port, but another half of it comes out making me unable to pull it out and use it for other purposes. I will leave an image to show what...
  9. B

    USB to AV connection on a Windows PC?

    Hey everyone, is there an adapter I can buy that will serve as a USB out to AV in for my Windows 10 PC? I've looked it up myself but come up empty handed. Any help appreciated!
  10. D

    Fans not working at start

    So i've been having the worst issues ever lately. I just took apart and cleaned my pc, thought it would be a good idea. Seemed to be fine, but then my fans stopped running. I took apart my pc again then my fans were doing better. Now they sometimes turn on, other times not. For example today, I...
  11. J

    USB Drive run explorer.exe up to 100% of CPU.

    First, let me say thank you for being here! I have a cheap Walmart HP 15. I also, have a Seagate Freeagent Goflex. I also have a WD Mybook. First it started with the Goflex then over to the Mybook. Whenever I plug either of them in they drive explorer.exe up towards 100% of the processor. I...
  12. L

    Solved USB boot instal faill

    Hi all . I got msi z390 I instaled all harwares . My problem is that i boot Windows to instalL from USB but when the loading dot apears after 3 secs computer restarts . I dont know is problem in BIOS update USB stcik
  13. J

    Huawei p30pro not detected by my pc only.

    Guys I'm desperate for assistance. Apparently after an overseas trip, my phone cannot be detected by my pc. Sometimes my old and faulty cable seems to be able to connect it for a mere while if I keep adjusting the cable but if I change to a working cable, its not detected at all. Any device...
  14. T

    Remote Wake On USB

    I would like to be able to remotely wake up my Windows 10 laptop that does not have an Ethernet port and found out my laptop has an wake-on USB function (I'm not able to remotely wake my laptop up using an Ethernet to USB adapter, which I mentioned in an earlier post). I'm able to wake my laptop...
  15. H

    Solved USB Mouse & Keyboard slow to load Windows 10

    Problem - following a Windows 10 upgrade ( I think that was what caused it ) the following happens Machine boots in to BIOS keyboard & Mouse power up ( lights in both come on ) Windows starts to load Lights go out Machine boots in to windows Keyboard & mose dead Keyboard & mouse become live...
  16. Z

    Ami Bios usb problems

    Just bought myself a pc. Asus strix z270f Intel I5 6600k Msi gtx 970 Had to install some new fans, and got a nzxt hue+ as well. When tried to boot after i installed the hue, i heard a «bzzt» sound and the computer did not boot. Disconnected the hue and it started normally, but the mobo would...
  17. T

    Keep Ethernet USB Adapter On While Laptop Sleep or Hibernate

    I tried to remotely wake up my Windows 10 laptop by connecting an Ethernet cable from my Raspberry Pi to an Amazon Basics Gigabit Ethernet USB Adapter, which I plugged into the USB 3.0 port of my laptop that I'm trying to remotely wake up. The lights on the Adapter turned on while my laptop was...
  18. H

    How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD with windows 7?

    How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD with windows 7,8.1,10 and DLC boot utility that boot on both GPT and MBR Systems?
  19. A

    Can I transfer data between two Windows computers with a USB

    I wonder if I could migrate data between two Windows computers with a USB-C to USB-A cable (but not one of those unusual cables with a knot in the middle, just a normal cable) and with Windows default software (not any third party software). Would that be faster than using a crossover Ethernet...
  20. winnie2018

    USBs not working

    Hi, I'm new here so please be nice I'm having a problem with my PC (Acer Aspire M3970) i5 6GB RAM running Windows 7. My usbs stopped working the other day seemingly after enabling a wifi receiver on the back of the tower. I have no keyboard or mouse function. I've tried system restore...