1. valeriedoremi

    Installing new hard drive from USB, media driver missing?

    I posted here about my computer slowing down. My hard drive was failing. I replaced it with a new one. however, when I go to boot it up from the USB drive I made, I get this message : I have tried selecting the USB...
  2. D

    USB Devices not getting recognised

    So I have three USB ports on my laptop. Two of them are working perfectly fine. One port is providing power If I connect a charger to it, but It is not able to recognize any of the USB devices that I attach to it. I have already tried updating/uninstalling the USB drivers, but It doesn't seem to...
  3. T

    To many usb connections

    So like I have (A LOT) of usb devices plugged into my pc and it actually is telling me it can’t run certain things cuz there’s too much plugged in.. is there something I can upgrade on my pc to help so I can use them all. As a streamer and musician you could imagine the amount of wires I’m...
  4. Moise

    Phone detected as Bluetooth instead of Media device

    Hi! I've struggled all day to find a solution for this on the internet, I even reseted my phone to factory settings in the hopes that it would fix the problem. I connect the phone with the original USB cable, the cable is good, tested it with another phone, I also tried my phone on another PC...
  5. NomadicMind

    Solved Trying to Install Windows 10 (From USB)

    I have a USB thumb-drive. Whenever I try to boot from USB, it works just fine. When I go through the setup process, when I get the partition portion of the setup process there is always an issue. Most recently I get a message that state it doesn't seem to recognize the file (from within the...
  6. Tiebe

    Pc Webcam and headphone jacket glitching out

    Hi there i need help if i plug my headphones in and play a sound on my pc it all crackling and static And my webcam is glitching out too it flashes colors and shakes, glitches .
  7. crcook84

    External hard drive enclosure randomly disconnects

    I have a Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 external enclosure. Most of the time, it works perfectly find. However, every now and then, it randomly disconnects from the USB port. Now, I got this specifically so that, if an external hard drive disconnected from my computer, it wouldn't loose power and I might...
  8. Doyafnkickbacks

    Can’t boot Windows 10 from new m.2 nvme drive

    I am trying to install Windows 10 from a USB onto a new M.2 nvme that I’ve bought. I get all the way though the steps where Windows 10 installs itself to the new drive from the USB, but the when I try boot up the computer without the USB drive it says “reboot and select proper boot device”. If I...
  9. zebanovich

    Manually create bootable Windows USB in Linux

    In this guide we'll create a bootable USB media with official Windows 10 ISO in linux. All the steps here have been tested in debian and should work just fine with other UNIX distributions. First step if you didn't already is to download official Windows ISO file, which can be downloaded from...
  10. Yessine

    Headset cable compatibility

    Hi I'm going to buy a USB headset for my laptop but i have just 2 ports USB which I use for mouse and keyboard. My question is can I plug the USB of the headset in a USB type C to USB adaptor and plug it in my laptop in usb C port? Will my headset work correctly? Will the light work? Ps: I...
  11. user0284937

    Audio File not supported on smart TV

    Okay so my company has Samsung SmartTVs (I couldn't tell you the model number off the top of my head) around our building and we use USB drives to play a PowerPoint which is converted to a video for weekly updates which is on a loop. We haven't had this issue before but this year is when the...
  12. Dromian

    Need help reactivating my internet card in my laptop

    I want to start out with a disclaimer. I have very little knowledge about basic computering. My school decided to update their routers resulting in my internet card only working sometimes. The tech support on my school decided to deactivate my internet card and gave me a Netgear USB thing...
  13. J

    My fully new microphone stopped working

    model logitech h340 *works through a usb port* i have already tried turning on the microphone privacy settings i have already tried realtek hd audio manager i have already tried uninstalling and installing the headset back in i have already tried making the headset the default device in the...
  14. Draty45

    USB 3.1 Gen 1 vs 3.1 Gen 2

    my temp job lists having the 3.1 gen 2 port (10Gbps) but I only have the 3.1 gen 1 usb port type C. Can i still get away with using the Gen 1 version which is 5Gbps? What would happen if I use Gen 1? Also are the thunderbolt porst on macbook pros an updated version to the 3.1 Gen 1 ports?
  15. Royspudding

    Panasonic tv bluetooth mouse

    Recently bought a Panasonic 55hx tv and want to control it using bluetooth mouse and keyboard from Amazon. User guide says a USB mouse can be used but doesn't say how. I plugged bluetooth dongle into usb input but no "new device detected" or any message came up. No light on dongle...what to do?
  16. Kakeema

    Do monitors come with a usb support?

    Do all monitors come with some usb supports for example to plug in a mouse and keyboard. If not where could I find some I can only ever find monitors which support HDMI, DVI, VBA and audio output but nothing usb port related. OR do usb port supported only come for all in one pcs?
  17. J

    Connecting monitor and laptop

    Hi, Please can someone help me. I have a laptop which I want to connect to a monitor. The monitor has displayport, vga and usb and the laptop has hdmi and usb. How do I connect them? And how much will it roughly cost?
  18. lucifer.489

    Transfer usb live persistence linux to SSD partition

    Dear tech-support: I am a windows user but also i use kali linux in usb with live persistence. But since my usb is not having enough storage i want to install that same usb linux on my computer SSD partition with all other persistent data without getting lost. Please help me in this.
  19. Khqlifa

    All but one usb port is not working

    My problem is that I cant use all my usb ports I've been switching from mouse to keyboard to try and find a solution but I cant seem to find one Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  20. Sianyte

    How to get help on fixing USB?

    Any pointers on where to start would be great. My USB isn't corrupted or anything. It is no longer recognized because, while plugged in, I accidentally knocked it with a downwards force and I'm guessing broke something physically. How should I try to fix it? Should I find a junk computer or...