vba in excel

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    Excel 2016 send email notification, WINDOWS 10

    I am trying to create a VBA that sends me a reminder/email in Outlook based on a date in a specific column in this case (column R) and then adds the date the reminder was sent in the next column (S) . Can someone please assist me.
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    Sending an email with excel

    A while ago, OBP helped me create an excel sheet that automatically sends me an email when a cell displays "send". Lately it has been sending an email regardless of whether the cell displays send. It's also not displaying the "action required" in the email. I was hoping someone could point out...
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    How to copy comboboxes with checklistd in VBA

    Hello all, I am new to VBA (in Excel) and i am wondering how to tell vba that when a checklist is ticked i can copy the data that is in my text and comboboxes to my spread sheet to my spreadsheet. i have already done the code for the adding without the check boxes.