1. EdwardDardo02

    Is it hard for the technician to upgrade my ADSL to VDSL?

    When upgrading an ADSL to VDSL, do they need to rewire everything just like when you have DSL upgrade to Fiber, every wirings will be replaced, right? Or just the modem will be replaced? I would like to ask my ISP if I can upgrade my ADSL to VDSL but I am worried that they might get pissed...
  2. T

    Solved I changed ADSL setting to VDSL2

    So this is kinda a long story.. but i'm gonna get right to the point. I got scheduled a technician to come out butthe soonest they couldget onetop my houseis Monday. So started to mess with settings on my modem. Well i went to the broadband settings page and changed "adsl-adsl2+bonded" to...
  3. E

    New Router Opinion and compatibility

    Dear experts, I have Airtel broadband which is giving hispeed data technology in my area via vdsl router. The default device provided is of Binatone dt910 which gives very poor range. I am have been researching on best routers in the market and after a lot of time spent, I concluded that the...
  4. T

    New internet only works for a few minutes or so

    Hi there We had VDSL broadband installed on Friday and I purchased my own modem/router - Linksys X6200 and it wouldn't work when trying to set it up on my Macbook Air via an Ethernet cable. Linksys couldn't help over the phone but they kindly offered to replace the device but the replacement...