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    Vegas Pro 15 colors swirled around while picture is still.

    So I was working on a video project and I render it and all. But when I go to open a new project it swirls the colors around. I don't know what happened. It's also on the Project Media tab. It is only talking and swirling the colors around for the videos, not pictures. If you know what's...
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    Sony Vegas 14/15 Stop Working as Soon as i click on magic Pl

    hello Firends i am using Dell n5010 laptop with i3 350 MHZ and 3 gb ram, 500gb HDD and 1gb inbulit Intel HD Graphics, and When was using vegas pro 14 with Magic bullet Suite plugin ver 11.0 it is working fine, but yesterday when i added magic bullet 13.0 plugin then when i click on that plugin...
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    Vegas Pro 14- Not Starting

    I need some help ASAP!! Okay, so Vegas Pro was working fine for the last 4 weeks or so, and suddenly, after the newest Microsoft update, it stopped working. When I try to open Vegas Pro 14, it will halfway load, and then a box will pop up that says that Vegas Pro 14 has stopped working. This...