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    Solved B560M Vga led on - No signal

    Hey everyone, few days ago I built a new pc: Mobo: Aorus b560m pro ax Cpu: Intel 11400f Psu: Seasonic 650w Ram: 2x 8gb , A2,B2 config Gpu: Used Gtx660ti So everything is plugged in and powered up (2x6 pin to gpu), gpu connected using hdmi. I turn on the PC I get no signal on the screen and...
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    Ram Reseating Help

    I have a cyberpower pc, with an msi b150m bazooka motherboard with an i5 and radeon rx480 graphics card and 2 patriot viper 4gb ram. I took both ram out to check the model number and reseated them, when I turn on my computer, I see the ez debug light turn on on my motherboard with vga. It starts...
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    Fresh Build NO VIDEO OUTPUT - VGA light and q-code 62

    Building for a friend and stuck Maximus VIII Hero i7-7700k Teamgroup tforce vulcan 2x8gb (TLGD48G2400HG14BK) EVGA Geforce GTX1080 Hard drive + ssd etc.. Built system and tried booting. During post the mobo 'VGA led' turns on upon hitting code 62 (yes 62), then briefly flashes code 72, then...