1. J

    Solved No Signal Detected

    Hello. Please help me, I just upgraded my Operating System to Windows 10 in a Tech Shop. After upgraded I went home and check my new operating system. After I connected all the things/wires/cables, my monitor says no Signal detected and the cpu is ON. Please help me what to do. I'm using 2 End VGA.
  2. D

    My monitor lacks HDMI port and my PC lacks VGA port

    Hello I just bought a new desktop computer but the thing is, My monitor is an really old one thus it only has a VGA port but my new computer doesn't have it. The question is what can i do aside from buying a new a monitor. I have heard of Hdmi to VGA converters and I would like to know if I can...
  3. W

    Can I Get Sound out of my PS3 via Av Multi Out?

    Basically, I have purchased a monitor that has an HDMI and a VGA input option in the back, but no speakers (and thus no aux inputs) . I have a PS3 that has HDMI and AV Multi Out in the back. I am currently using the HDMI from the PS3 to the HDMI on the monitor, which gives me video, but because...
  4. B

    No VGA detected sound from speaker

    Hello, so I recently bought all new parts to make a new gaming PC and I built it myself, the PC works and boots and can run games just fine but whenever i'm turning it on i'm getting the one continuous beep followed by three short beeps which means no VGA detected by the motherboard manual, the...
  5. T

    Adjust Screen Brightness (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    Hi, I recently noticed my separate graphics is damaged and when I try to enable it the computers crashes with a blue screen however, I have disabled the separate graphic card and I run on my on board graphics. I cant seem to adjust the brightness of my screen. Please help me with this matter.
  6. N

    VGA to HDMI compatibility issue

    Hello, I have a Dell U2412M monitor that I wanted to connect to my PS4. Since the monitor does not have an HDMI connection and only support VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort, I bought a GE 33588 HDMI to VGA Adapter. The problem is that it does not detect the PS4 and I don't know if it is because of the...
  7. H

    How do i connect a soundbar to my xbox one/monitor?

    So, soon I am buying a new monitor and cheap soundbar for my new setup. the monitor has a VGA, HDMI(will be taken up by my Xbox) and a headphone jack. Now, since the soundbar is cheap it only has a USB and 3.5mm outputs. how would i connect my soundbar to my monitor or xbox so that sound would...
  8. S

    Solved Monitor right side pink wavey, again! help

    S230HL acer monitor. using VGA (lcd with led technology or sumthin) I bought it, i came home, plugged in power adapter, there was this pink hue and waves going down in the right side (its almost unnoticiable in white, very noticable in black and dark colors)...
  9. Z

    VGA port has no response from mother board.

    I have a issue with my VGA cable, I have 2 VGA ports one of them works that is located on the lower part of my computer and the defective one is located at the top however my functioning one is connected through my Graphics card which is a AMD Radeon R7 250 Series. My non functional VGA port is...
  10. T

    Issues Connecting Second Monitor to Gaming PC

    Hi all, (PC SPECS ARE AT THE BOTTOM) I am currently trying to set up a secondary monitor for my Gaming PC. My First monitor I have been using for almost a year now and has been connected to my PC via HDMI, however my second monitor has only VGA and DVI ports...
  11. F

    Solved Moniter has "no signal"

    I'm using a old computer that uses VGA cable and a moniter that uses a HDMI, so I got a cable that allows VGA to be connected to a HDMI cable, but when I connected everything, the moniter says "no signal" any help?
  12. D

    Windows 8 factory reset with outside hardware

    Good afternoon, I am going to factory reset my Dell windows 8 laptop. The problem is, I got the laptop in really bad condition. I'm using outside monitor (vga) and outside keyboard and mouse (both usb). My question is after a factory reset, will the outside monitor, mouse and keyboard work? I'm...
  13. M

    No signal on 2monitor Unable to achieve 144hz on new monitor

    I've connected my monitor to my motherboard via VGA and my Monitor is reading: "No Signal" I previously just used the DVI cable and connected my monitor to my GPU. But I just got a new 144hz monitor and my GPU only has one DVI Port so I needed to connect the monitor to my motherboard. The...
  14. D

    Solved HDMI to VGA not connecting

    I have Studio Zbook G3 running W7 it has 1 hdmi port. I have an hdmi to vga connector but when I connect it nothing happens on the monitor. I cannot find the hdmi in device manager or in display adapters. I tried to detect it and nothing happens. In screen resolution under display it only...
  15. W

    Ram Reseating Help

    I have a cyberpower pc, with an msi b150m bazooka motherboard with an i5 and radeon rx480 graphics card and 2 patriot viper 4gb ram. I took both ram out to check the model number and reseated them, when I turn on my computer, I see the ez debug light turn on on my motherboard with vga. It starts...
  16. S

    Connecting Dell laptop to 2006 Dell Monitor

    Hi, I have a new Dell Laptop and I am trying to extend screens to a dell monitor I have, I don’t know the model as I can’t get it to work, it has the Self Test Feature Check floating around the screen? I have connected the monitor using a VGA/HDMI cable and on my laptop it has found the monitor...
  17. SciTechPOKE

    Laptop does not detect monitors (Windows 10)

    Hello. I am having troubles having my laptop connect to my other 2 monitors. I have an HDMI to VGA connected to one monitor (Proview 900w 19in), and a USB to VGA connected to another monitor (Dell E176FP). When I go to my display settings, my Laptop says it cant detect any other displays...
  18. M

    Connecting 4 Monitors help

    hi, i have an all in 1 HD pavilion, with connectivity of 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Type-C. i have used a vga to usb adapter for the third, however the screen display is made smaller than the actual monitor. i want to connect a forth but using the third monitors adapter, it does...
  19. D

    Adding an external dual screen to a vga laptop

    I have an old laptop, still in very good condition, and I want to attach an hdmi second dual screen so I can use the laptop screen for gui and the second hdmi screen for code. Is there a converter I can plug into my vga external port that will connect into a hdmi port and work as modern dual...
  20. E

    Monitor Connections - DVI and PC

    Hello! I'm trying to help my mother-in-law and sister-in-law with a monitor problem. My MIL has an Apple A1082 23" Cinema Hd Display Lcd Monitor M9178ll/a. Sister-in-law has a standard PC laptop with VGA and mini-display port outputs. I've been learning all about different types of DVI outputs...