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    vga port not working

    After a bad storm hit and power outage,i turned my dell vostro 1710 laptop running windows 10 back on to find out VGA port doesn't work anymore and the headphone jack doesn't work not really worried to much about that they are ways around that i just need my VGA port to be functional again...
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    Connecting laptop to TV, Vga to HDMI cord not detected

    I need help with connecting my laptop to my TV, i have my VGA to HDMI cable but i do not see the screen on the display menu, it also fails to detect it. Please i need help ASAP.
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    Ethernet port not works after install a new graphic card

    Hi ,I bought a "gigabyte gtx 950" for my pc and my motherboard is "gigabyte m52ltd3" & my OS is windows 7 . I have problem with my onboard ethernet port. I found that the Ethernet port is not working and when i removed the new graphic card and reinstalled the old one, Ethernet port worked...
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    Solved Disabling dedicated memory on VGA card

    I have 2GB ram and 1gb has taken by my separate PCI VGA and almost it has a memory of 512.i dont need my my ram shared on to the vga.I have a LG motherboard an there is no where that i can disable my shared memory. PC has become soo using windows 10.PLZ HELP ME
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    My laptop won't display on acer monitor

    I have an Elitebook 6930p with a broken screen and in order to use it I need to plug it into an external monitor, the problem is now it won't display on the monitor at all. It's not the VGA cable OR the monitor that's the problem because I tried hooking both up to a friend's laptop and it...
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    Computer Not connecting to monitor

    So I just moved and have tried connecting my computer to my monitor via both VGA and DVI with no success. The computer is turning on, but the monitor just doesn't recognize it. Could something have dissconected during my move? I'm not even sure where to start looking because I didn't build this...