video editing software

  1. 0

    Fan-editing as a hobby. Is it dead?

    I've read a bit on these forums as well as over on the forums. However, the posts over there are, for the most part, very old. It looked as if making fan edits as a hobby had begun to wane. I managed to figure out how to do a fan edit, even though I am not very savvy at all with...
  2. D

    Vegas Pro 15 colors swirled around while picture is still.

    So I was working on a video project and I render it and all. But when I go to open a new project it swirls the colors around. I don't know what happened. It's also on the Project Media tab. It is only talking and swirling the colors around for the videos, not pictures. If you know what's...
  3. gabianni

    Free colour correcting video software

    Hi: I just started shooting videos from my from my DJI Spark drone. The slips could use more colour saturation. Does anyone know or use free software to increase the colour saturation? The ones I have seen use a watermark.
  4. Natwick

    Video editing software incompatible with Windows 10?

    Hey everyone, I've been using Corel Video Suite X6 for a few years to edit videos without any issue. In the past couple of months, post numerous windows updates, I can no longer scrub through clips and it's a nightmare to edit. I have updated video drivers for my laptop, which has plenty of...
  5. Nora.Br

    Solved What free/affordable video editing software are you using?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a research and was hoping you could help me with it. I'm trying to find out what the most popular free or affordable (under $50) video editing software is. Please write in comments what program you are using or used in the past and were happy with. Also, your OS and video...