1. Boahancock17

    Blue/Black/Green Screen

    Someone bought a GT710 Videocard from me and his processor is A10 7680k and his OS is Win 7. He said that he can't open his computer when he plugged the videocard. So he have it delivered to our store. We tested everything and it is fine. We found out that he has no motherboard, graphics card...
  2. D

    GPU not working every cold boot

    as the title says thats my everyday problem. but its working everytime i use system restore. but of course it takes a little time and now i got tired and need to ask you guys windows7 dual core 3.00ghz sapphire radeon hd 6670 2gb ram
  3. S

    New video card, pc stuck at boot screen (again)

    Ok, so as I said in another thread I started few weeks ago ( I've bought a Nvidia GeForce 420 and couldn't install it on my pc because I couldn't pass the boot screen with the video card installed. Saturable...