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    What's causing my PC to lag?

    I recently got a new rtx 2060 super and i5 9400F CPU and i've been experiencing lots of lag... why? Is the GPU causing the problem? I thought the RTX 2060 super can run most games smoothly without lag?
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    In Progress Help with "Russian websites" malware

    Hi everyone! I was helped in the forum before and you were very helpful and I'm so thankful! Just thanks! Now... I'm having an issue. I downloaded STALKER Call of Pripyat from a PROPHET torrent. Everything was all right except I got a lauching error after installing the game. So, I looked up on...
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    Should I run 64 bit or 32 bit game on 64 bit win10 os

    I own a HP15 laptop with 64 bit windows 10 os. I was looking at one of my game files and noticed it has an option to use the 64 bit verson what's the difference between using 32 bit and 64 bit other than 64 bit won't work on a 32 bit OS. (I could have misunderstood this fact) but which one...
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    Hard Freeze during gaming

    Hello! My computer has been having issues with playing games such as Overwatch and Fallout 4. My computer will at random moments stop and will not continue until I restart. Also, I stream occasionally and at any moment it will freeze. I have talked with a few computer saavy friends and they...