1. crcook84

    Pet Proof Tubing

    I'm looking around for pet-proof tubing to put on cables. I've seen a variety of tubing type, which may or may not be related to the same family: PVC Polyethylene Vinyl Surgical Tubing We had some left-over vinyl from a previous project that we gave her to see what she would do with it. She...
  2. B

    Vinyl player issues

    Hi, i've recently picked up a new vinyl player, which requires a 16v adapter, I was told a 12v adapter would work with it, however, the table doesn't turn when switched on using a 12v power supply. How can i check whether there's a problem with the mechanism, or whether it just needs a 16v...
  3. O

    Sound problems with a Sony ps-lx40p turntable.

    Hi,i noticed the sound on my old turntable was getting poor and thought time for a new stylus.Fitted the new stylus and sadly the problems persist.A fuzzy and distorted sound remains,but only on the right channel.I have fiddled with the cables and played a c.d. but no problems there.Can anyone...