virtual box

  1. I

    Kali Linux Blank Screen error

    I am trying to install Kali Linux on my Virtualbox version 6.0 but I cannot seem to install it. Everytime I try to go on 'Graphical Install' or 'Install' or any other settings it comes up with blank screen. I am currently using Windows 10 OS. can someone help with the installation please.
  2. C

    Running old game within a win 98 guest on Virtualbox. How

    Running Virtualbox 6.2.2. Installing various guest OS's; windows 95, 98 and Linux. Two purposes; learn what virtualbox can do and create a Windows 98 guest with 32 bit color to run Command and Conquer. Ultimately wish to exchange experience and discoveries about this configuration of old...
  3. mohittomar13

    Solved VBox unable to capture USB

    One of the main reason I never wanted to try Vbox was that I can't figure out how to connect my USB to the guest OS and that always annoyed me. I have a laptop that runs Win10 pro 64bit but I need to install some old applications on my machine that only supports WinXP. I tried doing it but...
  4. B

    Can not boot clone window in VirtualBox

    Hi I clone the harddisk from another computer and write it into VHD file But i cannot boot this window in virtual box software it show error 0xc000000e How can i solve this
  5. H

    Getting no route to the host on using ssh command

    I'm using Linux in virtual box on my windows 10 earlier when I use to connect to the site using ssh command it use to get connected but now it say no route to host I tried to ping to the same site it also gets ping I have connected my virtual system through Bridged adapter how can I get ride of...