virtual machine

  1. J

    Alfa AWUS036NHA

    Hi guys I’ve bought this WiFi adapter to use in a Kali Linux virtual machine. The device I’m using is a MacBook Pro running big sur. The installation disc does not ha e an option for big sur is there any way I can get this activated for use on the virtual machine?
  2. Technochains

    Uses of VM with apps

    Objective: Improve privacy, security, and user functionality of laptop PC Plan: backup current windows 10 on usb, move apps and files to usb Switch primary OS from windows 10 to linux distro such as linux mint or zorin, tor browser, thoughtful selection of apps meeting the objective, keepass...
  3. C

    Java Virtual Machine

    Hi, I have an issue with starting up my minecraft server on my pc. Whenever I start it up it will just say "could not create the java virtual machine."
  4. Pisti

    Bluetooth headphone that I wanna use with my pc

    So, I bought a Steelseries Arctis 3 bluetooth gaming headset, and as I read It can only connect with bluetooth to a mobile. I know Its not a mistake that I cant connect to this heaphone with my PC bluetooth, but I want to. So I thought about what If I download a virtual machine to my pc and...
  5. G

    About VirtualBox

    Quick question; I've downloaded VirtualBox and I'm currently running Kali Linux on it. Also I have 20gb of ram on my laptop. Is it overkill (or it's ok) to provide 4gb of ram (or 5gb) to VirtualBox?
  6. L

    Windows95 emulator

    Felix Rieseberg came out with a Windows 95 virtual machine/emulator. I am trying to load a Windows 95 program which will not run even in compatibility mode on Windows 10. That's the reason I'm trying the virtual machine. I made an iso image folder from the program CD and mounted it in Windows...
  7. T

    cloud vm deployment?

    i'm trying to launch a vm in the cloud to run some servers. anyone know how i can do this?
  8. W

    Is it possible to run Win 7 w/I5-9600 under Linux/VMWare?

    I'm planning to upgrade (tho my E8400 has been a workhorse for many years!). I plan to move to a I5-9600, Gigabyte z390 AORUS, but I still have Win7 programs I need for work (VPN, term emulator, ect) that may not work with Vine. I know Win7 can't be installed as the OS on a gen9 I5, but has...
  9. C

    Solved Trouble with Windows XP Mode (virtual machine)

    I've been using the XP mode on Windows 7 for a few years now and all of a sudden the last few times it's prompting me for a password to log in. Also it had a error message saying integration features not working. And the time it takes to start the Virtual Machine is very very long. What to do...
  10. D

    Hyper V and virtual computers

    On Windows 2012 R2 I have root access and see it uses Hyper V. There are 3 virtual computers one for EZProxy, one for Deep Freeze, and one for Fog but my password isn't working on them. Is there any way I can change it as root? Before the last IT person left he changed the passwords and the...
  11. A

    ping between virtual machines and need to get internet also

    i need to connect my virtual box virtual machines and need to get internet also in both the machines i have a broadband connection to my system via wifi can anyone help me
  12. SpaceInvader75

    How to move music from ipod classic on to PC?

    Windows does not recognize the ipod (I'm assuming this is due to the file system, but I am not certain). When I looked up the issue I found a solution that looked simple enough, by displaying hidden files, but in this case I don't think the PC is going to read anything. The only solution I could...
  13. S

    Support for DOS apps and legacy XP apps

    As I've understood it, ever since the release of Windows 7, there has been no way to support programs written to run in a DOS session from within Windows, even by using XP Mode or by running a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. Is this still true, or have there been any methods or products...