virtual reality

  1. B

    VR hardware help much appreciated!

    Hello, just a couple of VR related q's I need help with - I have no experience with VR, so excuse the layman terms!) - Whats the difference between the HTC vive trackers ( having a strap on each wrist) and leap motion? you can see your hands in front of you on both of them and can pick things...
  2. S

    Monitors and TV flickering when using GTX1060 DisplayPort

    Hello Tech Support Guys, I have this problem for a while now and I need your assistance. I have a GTX1060 6gb and anything I try to plug in my 3 displayports flickers, 'goes blackscreen' and shows a lot of tearing. It happens in and out of games. It doesn't happen on the DVI or the HDMI ports...
  3. 000Hedgehog000

    Solved Windows Mixed Reality

    So I bought a Samsung Odyssey + VR headset, connected it to the PC and the Windows Mixed Reality software opened, I configured the VR but after the config was done the computer restarted (black screen for about 10 seconds then restart). When the computer booted up again, I opened the Mixed...
  4. D

    Want to setup home network to watch VR Videos

    Is it possible as I hear VR videos are too heavy on bandwidth for any home network system to support. Given the advancements in technology and the fact that VR has been here for quite a while now, I am skeptical. kindly let me know if it's possible, if yes I would like your opinion on the...
  5. X

    Splitting HDMI beween TV and VR

    Hi, I just bought a HTC Vive and it works and everything but I have only 1 HDMI port on my Laptop and I would like to be able to display the image of what I see on my computer to my TV while playing VR, so that people that comes can see properly what is going on. The proplem is, I need 2 port...
  6. jordanbrown0101

    Fake Window project

    Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting this thread to help me figure this out! I am currently creating an innovative home design system that will significantly upgrade any home and increase its value. This may seem a little far-fetched but I am still figuring out the details: Imagine 9 LED SMART...
  7. S

    How much memory should a game use in task manager?

    Hi! I just bought a new laptop about a week ago and its a very good one. It has a Intel core I7 processor and it also has NVIDIA GEFORCE (its not a laptop with the gaming design). So i have heard that i can play games on it, and do my studies (graphic design). So they said this laptop is perfect...
  8. K

    Laptop graphics card upgrade

    I would like to upgrade the graphics card in my laptop to one able to support an HTC VIVE. I have an HP Pavilion gaming laptop currently with an Nvidia GTX 950M which is apparently nowhere near good enough. Would it be possible to install a new GPU like a 970 or would there not be enough space...
  9. D

    Could Virtual Reality videos spy on your smartphone camera?

    If one watches a Virtual Reality video using a smartphone without headsets, could he be spied on via camera?
  10. T

    Solved VR... Am I ready?

    I've checked out the specifications for VR. I've run the tests as well, due to my processor being up to date (an i7-4790, one of those quadcore types). The tests give me the green light to go, but the recommendations for hardware include a GTX 970 for the Rift and Vive. Does my processor give me...
  11. H

    Running Fallout 4 on HTC Vive using Vorpx

    Hello! I want to play Fallout 4 on my HTC Vive using Vorpx, but when I run Fallout 4 the game crashes (this happens with other games as well when running Vorpx and HTC Vive). The runs normally when the Vive is disconnected. The game also crashes when Vorpx is turned off. The HTC Vive is in...