1. I

    Kali Linux Blank Screen error

    I am trying to install Kali Linux on my Virtualbox version 6.0 but I cannot seem to install it. Everytime I try to go on 'Graphical Install' or 'Install' or any other settings it comes up with blank screen. I am currently using Windows 10 OS. can someone help with the installation please.
  2. P

    Internet is not working if i change my MAC address

    Hi ! I'm new here. I encountered a problem with ParrotSec OS. I am doing an Security & Penetration Testing and wanted to change MAC address and work. I successfully changed my MAC address, but the internet is not working. I was using Digisol (Router) and it's MAC address was registered with my...
  3. S

    VirtualBox Outside the Box (what's not in the manual)

    Hi! I've used VirtualBox for a few years on a Mac (running Windows 7 guest systems) with no problems. I could access anything on the Mac's hard drive, if not directly, then as part of "Network." This is my first time using VirtualBox for Windows. It wouldn't run at all on Windows 10, so I...
  4. A

    virtual box(oracle)

    i have an ubuntu installed on vb(virtual box).but when i open it it shows error message pls help me dealing with it as i need to complete a project the error message is: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Cyber_Workshop. The virtual machine 'Cyber_Workshop' has terminated...
  5. N

    Linux VPN in Vitual Box stops loading pages

    Hey everyone, Ive been searching the net for 2 weeks tring to solve this problem and everything I have tried has failed!!! Firstly, Im running a Linux Debian based distro in a virtual machine on my Windows 10 laptop, no problems. I can run the browser in the Virtual Machine and load pages just...
  6. netpozitive

    Variable VVV not working on Windows 10

    I have Variable VVV installed and successfully creating the new site directory and database, however it is not creating the htdocs file which would include the actual Wordpress install so of course I get a 404 nginx error. I have been working at this problem now for a couple of days with no...
  7. G

    How to download software??

    So I tried to download Kali Linux, VirtualBox, and Fedora and the setup wizard thing didn't appear. It just opened the contents of the file but not actually running the programs. My computer is 64 bit running windows 10. In the past, I easily downloade d other things but now its not working..
  8. J

    Only able to create 32 bit machine on virtual box.

    I'm trying to create a 64 bit Vm on virtual box, but it's only allowing me to create A 32 bit Machine. I'm currently have a dell computer with 64-bitWindows 10 pro, Intel pentium, 2gb ram. I have enabled virtualization and disabled vm ware. What are my options here? Thanks!
  9. S

    Virtual Box MAC Host for Windows Help

    HELLO IM TRYING TO RUN WINDOWS 10 on virtual box on MAC and it works for 10 minutes then once I log out and try to get back on an error occurs. Please help!