1. N

    Quickbooks Online issue

    We are running QB online for a very small office. We recently found that some items in our inventory had been mysteriously deleted from our account. While investigating this, I found that nearly 350 inventory services or products were actually deleted in a matter of 5 to 6 minutes. I also found...
  2. H

    New Who to ask for help involving a hacker issue?

    So I've been having this hacker problem for years now i don't know who or why it's happening It's happened to my phone, computer, laptop, everything i own What will happen is it'll ether take away my internet completely or cause certain websites and programs to not work like twitch, discord...
  3. L

    Non-responding keyboard and touch panel

    Hello. Today as I turned my notebook on, random letters started filling out the password field, before my surprised eyes.I tried to erase them but nothing happened. Letters kept on appearing. I turned flightmode on then. Touch panel didn't work either. So then I connected a mouse and logged in...
  4. R

    Can not access media

    May I first say thank you for any assistance you might render. Recently I have been unable to access ANY of my pictures, videos, or music. They are all on a USB 5TB hard drive. Right before the problem started, I attempted to mirror my hard drives (I have Windows 10 Pro) unsuccessfully. In...
  5. P

    Virus? Documents in folder I did not access

    I was in my document folder today and noticed earlier this week had over 600 documents "altered" on Monday. I opened some and they were existing files I had on drive. I was home and on computer at the access time... did I get hacked? Windows 10
  6. D

    Mouse moves to upper and lower left side corners of screen

    The mouse moves completely on it own, at random. Disabling the touch screen seems to help som. Then it starts again, I open the device manager to see the touch screen has been enabled again. Please help, this driving me crazy !!!
  7. Y

    Solved Whole thing gone to crap

    Windows10 updated without a warning or a confirmation by me(which I would have delayed or denied). Next thing I know, none of my browsers open, half of my applications don't open, I don't have any system restore points, and I can't open the settings app or system reset. I use Avast...
  8. T

    Macbook battery draining extremely fast.

    I brought a macbook Air 1 and half years ago. Since some 6-8 months ago it started behaving weirdly. My battery takes 3-4 hours to charge upto 100% and takes about 2 hours to discharge from 100% to 0%. Sometimes, I do download softwares from external sources as well as torrents. Could a...
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    Need help!

    Hi, I have some issues with computer. My windows update will not update and the windows security center shows firewall is not on. I can not use system restore because I lost all restore points. Please help. Mc. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft®...