virus help

  1. B

    New Search 60

    Hello everyone, I just tried to google something and everything worked for about 1 second. It went to the normal google search page, but then after a little it redirected to the search60 page of what I was searching. I looked up how to get rid of it, I got new anti virus programs and went to...
  2. J

    In Progress Potential virus

    c:\Program files (x86)\Amazon\Amazon Assistant.aa.hta Keeps popping up on my screen every 15 sec or so. I've uninstalled Amazon Assistant and nothing changed. I'm thinking it could be a virus. I've also downloaded Farbar Recovery Tool Scan as I've seen in another post. I've attached the files...
  3. aziin

    Solved PC is running very slow

    Hi, lately I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my PC and I feel like I've tried practically everything. At first I thought it had to be a virus and ran multiple scans but found nothing. I even checked to see if it was PC clatter and cleaned up my PC for space but this still didn't...
  4. C

    In Progress NEED HELP! :(

    So I tried to download PUBG for free and went through a tutorial on youtube... I went to the site that was specified in the video and downloaded the client... I was warned that it was a virus like 20 times and then turned off my windows virus software... at this point, i was already installing...