virus removal

  1. S

    New nppp virus

    recently a virus attacked on my computer all files changed into ".nppp" form please help me to resolve this issue
  2. A

    In Progress Search Baron virus

    Hi Guys, A few months ago, I have been noticing that my usual google browser has been redirecting to (on my Mac book pro). I ignored this and continued to work, until a pop up came up saying “malicious website detected”. I have tried following online tutorials to remove this virus, but...
  3. S

    In Progress How do i Delete SEGURAZO?

    There's a malware virus called Segurazo and it disguise as an antivirus. This virus just installed itself in my pc and it eats my ram memories like crazy. Because of this i had to fresh reboot my computer, so i did. And today, this thing just installed itself again! I can't remove or delete this...
  4. Z

    In Progress Virus hacked completely froze my laptop, please help

    Hi guys, I’m having a problem with my laptop right now and I’m wondering if anyone could help me. I’m not super knowledgeable about tech/computer stuff so I might not explain everything right but I’ll try my best and I’d appreciate some help. So almost a month ago I bought a new Lenovo Ideapad...
  5. A

    In Progress Possible Virus/Malware problem, please Help

    I was downloading software and games on my computer (I know stupid idea) But everything was going smoothly, until after the instillation, at that point, Opera and a few other programs automatically downloaded onto my computer, this happened about an hour ago. can someone please help Me?
  6. D

    In Progress PC Keeps Freezing

    I have a hp pavillion p7 1421 running win 8 on it and every time I turn it on it freezes with 2 to 3 minutes. I hit it with malawarebytes and McAfee but it just got worse. Its even freezing in safe mode and now I'm afraid to touch it. It even froze when I tried a system restore ITS THE DEVIL I...
  7. N

    In Progress Virus Issue

    Okay well, my computer has no symptoms that has been effected by virus but I ran a scan with Microsoft Endpoint Protection and it send me a message that my device have been effected with medium level of risk. When I tried to remove it, it immediately without doing any scan detected three more...
  8. Angies

    New Duplicate Folder inside Folder

    Hi member and the experts, I actually found the same thread with mine but the previous thread was created 2007 and wasn't solved. So just like the title, there is a duplicate folder inside the folder. Tried to remove it manually, but it kept coming back once I restart my laptop. I am using...
  9. J

    In Progress Potential virus

    c:\Program files (x86)\Amazon\Amazon Assistant.aa.hta Keeps popping up on my screen every 15 sec or so. I've uninstalled Amazon Assistant and nothing changed. I'm thinking it could be a virus. I've also downloaded Farbar Recovery Tool Scan as I've seen in another post. I've attached the files...
  10. DBoogie

    New Malware/Trojan Stopping Anitvirus Programs

    I believe I have a Virus/Trojan/Malware that's causing all my antivirus software and preventing any new anti virus software from installing. I'm using Windows 10 and my Laptop is an ASUS X552E. The error message I get when trying to install any antivirus programs is: "The Requested Resource is...
  11. DBoogie

    New Virus/Trojan

    I beleive I have a virus/trojan that's causing all my antivirus software and preventing any new anti virus software from installing. I'm using Windows 10 and my Laptop is an ASUS X552E. The error message I get when trying to install any antivirus programs is: "The Requested Resource is in use'"...
  12. R

    New Creepy sound file playing, clean malware scans

    I recorded the sound with my phone's voice recorder, you can hear it here: . I haven't been able to catch it, but for a while there were also some creepy water sounds, like of a pond or gulping. When I mute the speakers, the audio goes silent, which according to the...
  13. I

    In Progress Dataup, possible rootkit too! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi I recently accidentally download unwanted files. (I'm sure thats how all these start) but I was able to delete most of the files through troubleshooting and looking up ways to fight Dataup and other viruses but I still have a few root viruses that keep coming back (including Dataup) and I...
  14. D

    New Have I messed my computer up?

    Hi all, I'm posting off my mobile as after downloading a torrent online I now cannot access any internet browser at all. So here are computer specs Edition:win10 Version:1607 Os build:14393.1358 Product id:00325-80553-95678-AAOEM Processor:intel pentiun [email protected] 1.60GHz Ram:4.00GB...
  15. Y

    New Under attack, possible hacker, need help pls.

    Hay guys, so I've had a pretty trying time with this and I fear I've atracked a hacker. So let be just start from this morning, Id notice I was having a few odd things happen on my laptop, so being a guy that went to ITT tech till they closed and left me with useless credits, I started to dig...
  16. E

    In Progress virus removal problem

    hallo respected pearson i am nikolass i hawe a big problem by virus i call him: big farm , big bang empire , mozilla firefox , google chrome 4 in1 VIRUS because that softwares has been installed to my desktop and i found danger process in task manager call'd: ASWRD.exe i try believe me with...
  17. C

    In Progress Word document virus now internet does not work

    So basically I woke up this morning to find an email with a word document and password not thinking I opened the document and now my computer seems to have a problem with its DNS it is connected to the internet but when opened it automatically comes up with cannot connect but now my internet...
  18. J

    Solved and Virus

    Hi! So I got a few viruses on my computer a couple of weeks ago. They were really bad and would crash my computer to blue screen on start up. I got rid of most of them using IObit and Malwarebytes. I also did a system restore on my C Drive when I got tired of trying to mess with the viruses. The...
  19. G

    New I think I might have let a computer gain access to mine

    I think I have accidentally let a computer have access to my own, I was trying to install some software when i noticed a Macbook Pro was in my network tab on the file explorer. When I click on the Macbook Pro it says that I need a password to access it. I had never seen it before until I tried...
  20. HarvKent

    New Ethernet connection but no data, virus s/ware frozen

    Hi, looking for some help ironing out these problems. Ethernet cable connecting fine as checked on another device, but no data coming into browsers. Also buttons on virus software not highlighting and so preventing me form running any scans. Unable to run Malwarebytes as needs up dating & no...