1. ElijahJSanders

    Strange Things Happening After Mandatory Microsoft Update

    A while ago, maybe a couple months ago(?) (I believe I'm on Windows 10), there was a mandatory update. Afterwards, I have had the following issues, which I've been grinning and bearing, agonizingly so: -Often, it will start running a random string of 5s (555555555555555555555555) and just keeps...
  2. S

    Solved LOKF files after OS reinstallment

    Hey guys, I need help with my PC. My colleague reinstalled my Windows yesterday, and he installed the new one from USB drive. After he did it, and I turned on my PC, most of my files that were preserved on D: drive were transformed and locked, in some way, gaining a .LOKF extension. I suppose...
  3. T

    New virus

    please help me to fix this error
  4. X

    In Progress Location of [%temp%\jrt\nfo\nircmdc.exe]

    I'm running Windows 8.1 Home and am seeing distinct response delays when I take any action anywhere i.e. on the web, in my email, on my PC, etc. I downloaded and ran WiperSoft per's suggestion and was able to get rid of some PUPs but can't locate "Adware generic 16441512"...
  5. E

    New Toshiba laptop clean up!

    I am looking to clean out my laptop it's a Toshiba Satellite c655. It is really old I got It in 2011 when the store was trying to get rid of old models. It still runs Windows 7 and has a few hardware issues but what I want to do is focus on the software issues. the laptop is super slow...
  6. RickyGani

    In Progress Infected with "Win32:Virut"

    Few days ago, I found my computer unable to open cmd, msconfig, task manager , etc. I made a post in Windows 7 Forum. They pointed some virus removal app, which kinda not solve the problem. Long story short, later Avast! found this "RootKit" named Win32:virut. i googled about it, found out that...
  7. A

    Solved Please Help!

    so I was trying to download a free trial of a Pc game which is available. I downloaded it off of the website, (which I thought) was legitimate. Apparently not. It has since (in the past half hour or so) downloaded multiple pop ups, some browser in manderin (orange and white squirrel icon), and...
  8. E

    In Progress What is that 1-855-637-0970 number?

    Its the second time my husband was on IE on usual websites, when suddenly IE blocked and opened two screens with messages. My husband called me to show this. I immediately disconnected the Internet access and took pictures of the screen. One showed to be from a website...
  9. V

    Game Discs Will Not Run

    I am not able to run games when I put in the discs. The auto run does not come up either. When I go to my computer and click on the disc drive, no files are found on the disc except for a note pad text file that says: [.ShellClassInfo]...
  10. M

    Please help :(

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 in using Windows 8. I'm a student at the University of Florida and I don't know if this was due to a virus. Please help! I need my files for writing class! This message is all that shows up when I open my laptop. I cannot do anything else on it. "Default Boot Device...
  11. P

    In Progress Scans freezing, files!

    Windows 10 Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop 64-bit operating system I had some malware issues a while back when I was using McAfee, so I cleaned up the computer and switched to MalwareBytes. Because a pdf I recently worked on became corrupted while working in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, I started to...