visual studio

  1. E

    Apps wont open from taskbar

    Hi I cant open my visual studio and google chrome it opens but stays open in the task bar and wont let me in. Has happened before and it was word and powerpoint not opening. Restarted the laptop and turned it on and off and nothing is happening . Thanks
  2. I

    Can't install vstudio, keep getting clr error 80004005

    I have uninstalled, repaired and reinstalled .net framework and just want to use the course material I finally have access to.
  3. T

    vcredist. 2015 c++ will not install - error 0x80240017

    I have been working at it for 3 weeks now, I want to play DMCHD collection but every time I try to open it, the vcredist WILL NOT FINISH! it gets to "Windows_7_MSU" and then I get an error. I have tried so many things on the internet but none of them work, I even reset my computer but it still...
  4. C

    VsJITDebugger unhandled Microsoft .NET exception

    Hi! We have an executable that intentionally throws an error so that JIT debugger will pop up (Not through Attach to Process). However, the pop up doesn't happen recently and I saw the Windows Logs error: An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in <program>.exe [9288]...
  5. H

    Visual studio is giving me game-crashing error upon launch.

    Hey, all. I've recently downloaded Little Busters from steam - it just came out yesterday, and I can see that it's a little buggy, but so far, none of the bugs patched and addressed relate to my problem. As soon as I launch it, it crashes. It's all white, plays no sound or video; it doesn't get...
  6. shaulbehr

    Solved Performance showstopper only in Visual Studio

    Hi all, My installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 has, for the past few months, been a little crotchety, frequently freezing up for minutes at a time. But on the whole, it's been semi-tolerable. All other applications on the computer have been fine. Then yesterday, things became...
  7. C

    Numerous issues - registry, installer and Visual C++ ?

    Hello all Just joined and posting from work computer so can provide SysInfo when I get home. Laptop however is an Acer Aspire V3-571, running Windows 10 (originally 8 but I moved onto 10 at the beginning of the year.) I'm now having a catalogue of issues which I just can't get to the bottom...
  8. Y

    Help me choose

    So I am planning to buy a Mac or a PC for cross platform app/game development. For apps I will use Visual Studio with Xamarin paired up. Should I buy a Mac and run visual studios on VM or should I buy a PC and pair it up(build host) it with my Mac mini? Which one would you prefer and why? Thank you!
  9. J

    Excel Sheet Selection Event will not Fire Off!

    I am having a very frustrating issue. I have been trying to get this code to work for over two weeks and I have had only partial success. I am writing some functionality that utilizes .NET's remoting features to make Microsofts's Excel talk to another application. The other application is a CAD...