vlc media player

  1. HKGlenstid

    MTS audio not working in VLC, WMP, or Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hi there. So basically, I just finished a day of shooting footage for a short movie and have all the files on my SD card. The card was unable to be formatted to the camera, so I had no choice but to shoot it on AVCHD. I transferred the files over to my computer but just found out that the audio...
  2. S

    Bring up DVD language selection page on VLC Media Player

    I have a thing of where I like to see the language selection page and the warning pages before it goes to the menu page, but I have been struggling with using VLC Media Player because it keeps going straight to the menu of the DVDs without the language selection, warning notice or the trailers...
  3. J

    Windows 10 1909 incompatibility with VLC Player?

    I have used the VLC Media Player for years. I recently upgraded to the Windows 1909 build 18363.476 I have been having some trouble with my VLC player crashing either upon opening or closing the player. If I get it to open, it has problems closing and crashes when reopening. The player is the...
  4. Laura7491

    VLC Media Player stopped working

    Hi everyone, my VLC Media Player has stopped working. I found YouTube video how to fix the problem and followed the steps carefully but it did not help. :( Windows Media Player stopped working for me a long time ago. That is why I installed VLC which has been fine for a long time...