1. HKGlenstid

    MTS audio not working in VLC, WMP, or Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hi there. So basically, I just finished a day of shooting footage for a short movie and have all the files on my SD card. The card was unable to be formatted to the camera, so I had no choice but to shoot it on AVCHD. I transferred the files over to my computer but just found out that the audio...
  2. L

    Voice message from infected phone

    If someone sends a WhatsApp voice note from an infected phone (or computer using WhatsApp web), can the voice note harm someone else's device by opening and listening to it?
  3. N

    Playing more than 2 videos in sync on VLC

    For my video installation i need 5 different videos playing in sync. they need to be in different windows so i cannot merge them into one video. I use a mac for that. i know how to have 2 videos playing at the same time in VLC, but not more than that. any ideas how i could press 'play' exactly...
  4. G

    VLC 3.0.3 will not convert VTS to MP4

    I have a DVD with VTS files of old home movies - no sound, subtitles or other features, just 30 minutes of video. I downloaded VLC 3.0.3 and attempted to convert to MP4 and save the file on my PC. The process took some time as the converter moved from time 0:00 to time 30:11. The result...
  5. B

    media player opening automatically

    my vlc player opens up during startup and when i close it it keeps opening back up multiple windows. i unistalled vlc but the same happens with media player
  6. S

    Senior losing her mind

    Brand new laptop. I THINK the problem is VLC. The same song playing for 12 hours. HOW do I stop it? Have no idea... PLEASE HELP, thanks, Serry
  7. A

    Sony Vaio BD-Rom not reading Blu-ray discs.

    Hello there. I have a Sony Vaio desktop model VPCL235FD. There seems to be an issue with the BD-rom It is a pioneer BD-ROM model BDC-TD03. It reads regular DVD's and CD's, but will not play Blu-ray anymore (it has before). When a BD is inserted, the reader doesn't even engage. It does appear on...
  8. G

    Trying to use phone as a webcam, VLC doesn't show the video

    Alright, I'll try to explain this as best I can. I've been trying to get my Samsung Galaxy S5 to work as a webcam to record video. I have managed to connect my phone to my laptop through the DroidCam app. It's worked through both the WiFi option and the USB (video comes up in the client). I was...
  9. somhrsh

    how to cast video using VLC(WLAN)

    like we can do with wmp can we also do it with vlc if yes then how