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    Do voice changing apps save the recordings?

    Do apps like this and this save the audio recordings submitted to them and send it to their database?
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    How To Stop Outgoing Google Voice Calls From Showing In Call Log?

    I have a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, Model SM-S237VL with Android 6.0.1. I have the Google Voice app installed. When I make an outgoing call with Google Voice, it shows up in my phone's call log as an incoming call from an unknown number. How do i stop that from happening? Thanks.
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    Voice control/command software

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for voice control software that will be capable of the following : Assigning certain words to certain keys and keyboard shortcuts. Basically, I want to control certain actions in Vegas Pro with my voice via my headset. For instance, if I say 'cut' it should activate...
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    MorphVOX - Voice changed after uninstall

    Greetings, I've been searching through the internet as much as I was able to, now my nerves are blank and I gave up on hope. Yesterday I installed "MorphVOX" to edit my voice into a monsters one - for records playing Evolve 2 - but it didn't work as I expected it to do, so I simply uninstalled...