1. Akire2021

    Sound not working

    Whenever i use discord (both app and online) on my computer i cant hear the other person in the call or voice room. its like theyre on 20 volume vs 100. I also cant watch youtube and other online video platforms like netflix and crunchyroll. i also cant play fornite because the volume is "low"...
  2. V

    Brave Browser -Videos stop when changing volume

    Hello, how are you, i sure hope you can fix my newest and strangest issue. it's simple. i use windows 7, i use brave browser, and please don't tell me these are the problems and i should get and upgrade because this issue is like less then a few weeks old. ANYTIME i change volume in a video on...
  3. I

    Feature Update Headphone Issue

    Hi Last night I ran the new Windows 10 October Feature Update and ever since I can hear every sound my PC makes, even though my headphones are plugged in and I'm not wearing them! I'm worried the whole house will now hear the music I'm listening to even though I'll be using headphones (I'm...
  4. M

    HDD not showing, what to do?

    Hi! My laptop is Nitro AN515-52 BIOS VERS.: V1.28 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 HOME SINGLE LANGUAGE 64-bit PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-8750H CPU 2.20GHz HDD not showing after accidentally Created a volume for Intel Rapid Storage technology. What to do? I can't see the drive icon on file explorer...
  5. S

    Space bar turns down volume (desktop)

    So, whenever I press or hold space bar it turns down the volume in windows and when I press or hold numlock it does the opposite. Also when i press Fn + F3 (which is supposed to turn my volume up) and then hold Fn it starts spamming "7". I've tried like everything, I have checked my drivers, I...
  6. C

    Sound Issues

    Hi, i've had this problem for a little bit, i have Logitech g533 headset, when i play games (most notably: Pubg, Csgo) and i alt tab the volume raises to what i deem a good volume but when i go back into the game it goes quiet again and makes it hard to hear anything going on, Discord is not...
  7. upperlevel

    Problems with Multiple Windows, Soundbar, and Media Playback

    My problem is kind of complicated to explain, but all of these minor issues began happening at about the same time. It began happening more than 10 days since my last update, so I can't revert easily to older versions, and I've already tried doing a soft reset on windows. I'm using the newest...
  8. OtisMommy

    Solved My volume on my Sharp LC-60LE644U not working well...

    We bought the TV used. It does have a new "Main Board (??)". The problem is the volume is just not that great. We have to turn it up to 80 before we can almost comfortably hear it. Is that normal? We turned the Surround Sound on and it was better (before that we needed FULL volume before we...
  9. M

    Huawei p20 volume problem

    So I have had my phone since the middle of May, been updating it while possible and all that. I have noticed, however, that the actual volume when the volume slider is maxed out changes sometimes, I have only noticed it on the media volume. I haven't noticed any correlations with anything else...
  10. H

    Bluetooth headset earphone volume issue

    My insignia Bluetooth headset (NS- CHABTEBO1 - B) has this annoying audio problem, the volume is completely different in each of the earbuds, is therefore any way around this or a way to fix it? I use a Android/Asus Zenfone v live
  11. PurpleAxe

    My sounds arent working properly at all

    Hello guys, I am not sure whether this is the right thread but since I started having this problem by moving to windows 10 I am posting it here. I use razer kraken 7.1 chroma headphones (yeah, i know what you think), I hear sound much louder in the headphones than it shows in volume, for...
  12. A

    Volume is marked as dirty

    Heres what shows up: >Verifying file system. Checking Volume /dev/rdisk3s2... Type of the filesystem is NTFS. Volume label is: SeaGate 5Tb. Volume is...
  13. S

    Potential Keyboard Issue?

    I'm having a minor computer issue. Whenever there's a box open that allows upward or downward scrolling - such as volume controls, Microsoft word save boxes, etc, my computer automatically scrolls down. I've swapped out my keyboard and I still have the same problem.
  14. JohnBalz

    Internet Volume Muted

    I use Windows 10 and Google Chrome. Recently, my internet volume is muted. All sites have no sound. The Speakers work and all is connected and nothing is muted, but no sound is available. Who knows the proper steps involved in recovering my sound back to internet without having to ask a ripoff...
  15. Kaffrum

    Solved Computer Speaker Setup - Remote, portable, single-speaker...

    I hope I've chosen the correct category for this issue. I have a Dell Inspiron 660S desktop computer currently running Windows 7. I need to be able to move around my home from room to room with a single speaker (not a pair of speakers) that provides good volume to overcome other machine noises...
  16. M

    Disk Management Blank ?

    Windows 10 List of disks/volumes is blank in Disk Management. What is going on? Diskpart > list disk There are no fixed disks to show. sfc /scannow shows no errors. check disk shows no errors.