vpn setting

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    VPN Connection

    Good morning, Presently I am assisting an organization go remote with everything happening right now. Normally, individuals apart of the organization could only use the computers on site of their office building (where they also have a server) because the computers are only structured to allow...
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    VPN Concern

    I am able to connect to my vpn via android phone however I am unable to connect via PC. Can someone help me on why. I am using L2TP PSK I am using Windows Server 2016 and the client is Windows 10.
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    VPN server

    Hi, I have a question regarding VPN server. I need to get access to my university's VPN server so I be able to use it off-campus. However, I seem to get stuck with this as I try to connect to the server with the (name) and (password) boxes. I have MacBook Pro (Mid 2012). macOS Sierra...
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    set one app to not using VPN

    hi guys! I'm using vpn's (usually SoftEther VPN Client) & I need to one of my apps just working with normal internet not vpn (when vpn is connected) this app using port:3728 I found a solution in web. using windows firewall for set blocking private network (vpn) for the app / but my wifi & my...