1. Momoko95

    Internet only with VPN

    Hello! I only have internet access with a vpn connection so I wanted to configurate the proxy server but it says that the administrator blocked the access. But I am the administrator! Can you help me to get internet without vpn? Thank you already for the time!
  2. L

    When using a vpn does the real isp show?

    So basically, if you're using a vpn and someone has the ip address that the vpn put and they look it up on websites online such as whatismyipadress.com etc. Would they show the real isp or would the vpn cover that up as well and provide a false one?
  3. D

    Internet Slow after i disconnect from VPN

    Dear Forum i hope someone can help me with a really annoying problem that is driving me nuts ;-) Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 19041, Installed 20200808174816.000000+120 Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor...
  4. S

    Ip address

    I am working from home and stuck outside the U.S due to COVID-19. I would like to continue to work until I go back to the states but I need a U.S address. Thus far vpn/vpn router has not worked. What other option do I have? Can I duplicate my Home Ip address in the state and configure it to my...
  5. A

    Solved Will using a VPN connection prevent you from being hacked

    If you use VPN will it safguard you from hackers from stealing information from your computer or gaining access to personal data or installing malware or spyware on you computer?
  6. T

    VPN Connection

    Good morning, Presently I am assisting an organization go remote with everything happening right now. Normally, individuals apart of the organization could only use the computers on site of their office building (where they also have a server) because the computers are only structured to allow...
  7. C

    need to connect to a vpn

    im trying to connect to my office server. but first i need to create a vpn connection to their vpn.. and then connect to their server. im on windows 10 the server is for macs.
  8. M

    NAT VPN HW Question

    Hello, I have a hw due for my computer class and I'm supposed to make a diagram that shows a laptop sitting behind a nat with a vpn server connecting to a netflix server but I have no clue how to do this. Any suggestions?
  9. G

    Captcha Error

    Unable to login due to captcha error in opera, after giving correct user name, password, correct captcha also i m unable to login, need some one to help me to resolve this
  10. B

    Have someone used the Firesword VPN

    Someone told me that this free Android VPN has a India proxy server, but after I download it from google play, I found it only has some other countries like US , UK and so on.
  11. M

    Roku connection intermittent on cell w/ linux internet ....

    So i have different network. It goes like this. cell phone running easytether pro using the 4g connection to share connection with usb to a computer (running Debian 9) with internet sharing enabled on wire interface out to router1 with wired interface running as a switch and wireless as access...
  12. C

    How to route VPN traffic selectively?

    I have to use Pulse Secure VPN and Remote Desktop Connection for my work from my home computer, but the VPN slows down my much faster local internet connection. How do I set it up so that the VPN is only used for the RDC traffic, and nothing else on my system? Thanks!
  13. WolfArcher

    Servers say I use VPN IP adress even though I don't.

    Hey, I have problems connecting to some minecraft and half life engine servers because they say I'm using a vpn IP adress although I dont't have any VPN software on my PC any help? I'm clueless what could be doing that?
  14. M

    Need help to Telegram proxy

    Hello Friends. In my country telegram banned. I'm using zen mate or browec for run this app on mobile and web app. I need best proxy setting and port to work properly. Need help Country Pakistan
  15. A

    setting up home vpn for connecting to my nextcloud

    couldnt find videos online that gives me that option i know all my truffic will go thrue my home i dont need high speed all i need is SAFE vpn that i can connect to from far away for free/ my setup : a laptop with ubuntu 15 that is runing my nectcloud server , and 3 pcs on my network 2...
  16. D

    VPN Concern

    I am able to connect to my vpn via android phone however I am unable to connect via PC. Can someone help me on why. I am using L2TP PSK I am using Windows Server 2016 and the client is Windows 10.
  17. W

    Solved I can only connect to internet via VPN

    Hello, my connection to the internet via wifi takes about 20mins before it falls down, and can only go to work again when enabling VPN, when disabled, it can't work until next restart. -I made a clean install of windows 10, still having the same problem It's making me mad since I can't find a...
  18. B

    VPN disconnects my home internet connection

    I am an accountant and connect to multiple clients through VPNs. With my latest client, when I connect to their VPN, it disconnects me from my home internet connection. So I can access what I need to on their desktop and complete the work, but can't access any internet based application on my...
  19. R

    Help with proper setting for VPN and network adapters

    Hello. I recently subscribe to nord vpn and im having issues with the open-vpn program. (And if anyone is wondering the reason im here and not talking to them is there support serves sucks and it doesn't look like they even have a forum.) Just to point out. I am extremely new to this and have...
  20. S

    how to do this step in windows 10

    you have added the port as an exception to the server, and then make sure something is listening on the port. how to do this step for port forwardding