1. Korayzzz

    Game only utilizing 2gb VRAM( Idk what is causing low fps?)

    Yes you guessed it right, im talking about that cursed game, Cyberpunk 2077, I have a lot of questions about performance of this game and i've never been so curious about something like that. So, i am using an msi laptop. intel i7-9750H CPU, GTX 1650 GPU (4gb vram), and i have 8gb ram. While...
  2. P

    Minecraft uses Integrated GPU instead of my Dedicated AMD

    Minecraft uses my Intel UHD Graphics 620, 1024 MB GPU rather than my 4GB AMD Radeon, which is so annoying. I tried going to AMD settings and assigning Minecraft and Java to the games list but it still uses in Intel GPU. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64...
  3. A

    Game using only 136Mb of 2Gb VRAM

    Greetings, kind people who will hopefully solve my annoying issue! So, the game mentioned in the title is a 2008. game called Trackmania United Forever. The issue I have encountered with this game is that I am playing it on minimum graphic settings in order to prevent unnecessary FPS...
  4. D

    Destiny 2 stuck at 128 mb vram, despite many solutions tried

    I have a laptop with a GeForce GTX 1060, on a Razer Blade Pro, which should be able to run a game like Destiny 2 on high graphics with ease. When i open the game i see it looks super bad, and its running at like 20 fps. I look in video settings and see my max vram is set at 128 mb. I go to the...
  5. I

    No Man's Sky stopped working (it used to tho)

    So, several weeks ago I was able to play No Man's Sky normally, with a AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series, despite the minimum being 7870 for the game. Now, I can start up the game, press play, press which save to load or to create a new game. If I load my save, my screen goes blank. I can toggle Num...
  6. Holidayy

    Java/Server Hosting issues

    So for starters i'm not a pro with a computer, But ive been hosting servers for many different games over the years. But last week im pretty sure I ruined everything messing with my java( just blinding listening to other fourms). Its not just a server log error that can simply be traced. I need...