wacom tablet intous

  1. lizardbrain

    MacBook Air & Wacom Tablet

    I had my Wacom Intuos Creative Pen tablet (small) connected and working just fine for laptop ( 2015 MacBook Air, 10.15.7) I deleted a bunch of stuff to make room for programs needed for school. Tried to download the Wacom driver again. It connects fine. But in the drawing application I use I get...
  2. S

    Windows 10 Environment Variables Duplicates

    Hey so i recently added a SSD M.2 drive to my laptop and some other things and I feel like I messed up something in the process. I was trying to use my Wacom tablet and I wanted to change the properties so I tried to open up the Wacom desktop center and it wouldn't open. I tried to open as...
  3. D

    Intuos Pro tablets not connecting correctly

    I have 2 Intuos Pro drawing tablets that have always worked very well, until this afternoon when both of them stopped turning on when plugged in to my laptop. BOTH of them work fine wireless, but when I plug either of them in to my computer(s) via mini usb to usb cable, all of their lights go...
  4. royaIIess

    wacom tablet driver not installing ??

    soo i've had this problem ever since i formatted my original art laptop. i'm using a wacom intous small, and any type of driver i use [latest, or the previous version] is pulling up this error message; "api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll is missing, please re-install it" and i've read online that...