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  1. G

    Laptop monitor issue

    i was recently given a Toshiba satellite c670 laptop running windows 10 and it works great but for one issue that I just can't seem to fix. When starting up the screen flashes the Toshiba logo and bios entry, etc, then the windows 10 logo and a few seconds of the blue dot wheel spinning before...
  2. oneshotking

    How to stop computer from waking up ?

    I didn't know which category I should post in , so here is my problem I have a desktop about year old, I updated to window 10 and when i leave i put my computer to sleep mode. I come back and see it turned it self on . I tired going to device manager and turning off wake my pc for my network...
  3. H

    Lenovo y700 screen doesn't wake up from sleep

    Hello, I have a lenovo y700 on Windows 10 and when I put my laptop to sleep, I am able to turn it back on. But sometimes the screen stays black and the keyboard lights are on. Such that the computer did start up but the screen doesn't want to. The only way I am able to fix this is buy putting...