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    How Do I Wake Up Sleeping Beauty?

    ...and no, a kiss doesn't work. Yuck. I have a Gateway MD7818u laptop, vintage 2008, originally built for Windows Vista and upgraded, sequentially, to Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10. It has 4 GB RAM and the original 500 GB HDD has been replaced by a 1 TB drive; I used the extra space to install...
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    Remote Wake On USB

    I would like to be able to remotely wake up my Windows 10 laptop that does not have an Ethernet port and found out my laptop has an wake-on USB function (I'm not able to remotely wake my laptop up using an Ethernet to USB adapter, which I mentioned in an earlier post). I'm able to wake my laptop...
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    Keyboard and Touchscreen Do Not Work After Waking Up

    I have a problem with my Dell XPS 15. Anytime it wakes up from sleep mode, the keyboard and touch screen features do not work, leaving me with nothing to do but reboot the system in order to get them working again. This is extremely annoying and a fix for the issue would be greatly appreciated...