1. R

    Wallpaper Won’t Stretch

    I wanted to use my own picture as a wallpaper. I did what I was suppose to do. Then you get those options such as center, fill, tile, etc. I want to stretch the picture, but when I do, nothing happens. All of the other options work. I never had an issue before like this concerning the wallpaper...
  2. N

    Solved MS Wallpaper

    I received an email from Microsoft offering free wallpapers. I clicked on and took me to the Microsoft Store where I downloaded a free set of wall papers. It went OK and I got a "installed" note. However, I cannot find them and was not given a chance to tell where to store them. I now feel I...
  3. A

    Internet Stream set to Windows 10 desktop background?

    I have been searching around for a way to set this up in Windows 10 with no luck so far. I am trying to use a online cam stream such as EarthCam and take the feed and use it as a live animated Windows 10 desktop background. From what i have read this was much easier in previous versions of...
  4. CaptainKenney4Linux

    diffrent wallpaper for each display , glitching out.

    im not sure exactly what to call this , but heres the best description I can give of the issue im having. im running windows 10 , I use a different wallpaper for each of my 2 displays. (I set this up via running this command in run ( control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper...
  5. roughman998

    Irfanview SNAFU

    This is is my problem: I select an image. I re-size it to "Best fit to Desktop. I click on "Options." I select "Set as Wallpaper." "CENTERED." The image is rendered "Tiled." I have used Irfanview for years and years. This problem manifested only after I recently re-installed Irfanview...