1. B

    Wamp localhost does not display html directly.

    I want it to display my woh.html directly instead of clicking on woh.html.
  2. AmadeusLee

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy. Dear PLANET ! my name is Amadeus, We are starting a self funded animal rescue center, We have purchased out own servers, and are pretty tech savy. We have run across something we can not figure out. Here is our Set up...
  3. rich1972

    PHP form, not receiving email, SMTP authentication issue ??

    Dear all, I am trying to create a form which sends the info to my email. Before I begin to create the form, I have tried to practice on a simple feedback form first. I have created the HTML page with the simple feedback form (using dreamweaver CS6), and have created a php page, and entered the...
  4. Dingus

    Post Windows 10 install. WAMP not working

    Hi folks. Not many posts will begin with this, but I don't have a problem needing solved. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I then discovered that MANY others have done the same and they've also found the same problem. WAMP won't work when you install it on Windows 10. I tried MANY posted...