water spill

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    water spill a couple of days ago

    Hi there! I have a Dell XPS13 laptop and the other day I accidentally got some water on the touchpad. it has been off since, about 48 hours by now with the exception of a few seconds testing it just a few minutes ago and a few seconds last night. once the water got on it, the touchpad stopped...
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    spilled water on my desktop PC

    So Like 1 hour ago I spilled water near my PC and I think some of it got to the PC because it's not picking up any Display port including Displayport and DVI and hdmi, everything else works correctly, both my mouse and keyboards LED turn on, I have tried Unplugging the monitor, Taking out the...
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    Water spilled on laptop,dried it,fixed,any problems to come

    My little brother was angry with me and he spilled a quarter cup of warm water on my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 110, HDD 500Gb, intel i3, I bought it about 2 weeks ago, when my brother threw the water on me, it all came on the keyboard, I immediately dried it with a paper towel, then with a cloth...
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    BSoDs & graphic card problems after spilling water on laptop

    Hello, Five days ago I accidentally knocked over a glass of water on my Asus ROG G551JM. After a few seconds, it shut itself off and I immediately unplugged it from electricity and wiped the water off as best I could. I then removed the battery and left the laptop upside down to dry for a day...