1. A

    iphone xr speaker not working

    so my iphone xr was in water today so to make sure all the water is out i just sucked the to speaker and now it is not working so please help me will it get fixed with time or can i do something on my own
  2. Tvee07

    spilled water on laptop&dried it; is there anything else i should do?

    okay so i spilled water on my laptop. i panicked, tipped it sideways to make the water flow out, and pulled the plug. i searched online and it told me to remove the battery, have it face down in a triangle, open up the back to wipe any remaining liquid, then wait for it to dry. aside from...
  3. X

    I've got a blue screen, with two options, am I in danger

    Some water spilled on my laptop's keyboard, and I managed to dry it and get it to start, but when i started it it gave me a blue screen, with something about recovery, it had two options, either restart, or "go to advanced options", I restarted and it worked just fine, I would like to ask, Am I...
  4. W

    Solved how to drain a Senseo coffee maker completely

    ok, so on the bottom right of the external water tank [seen from the front] is a a floatation semsor that floats when there is at least a minimum amount of water in the tank. It contains a magnet . Within the body of the coffee maker the field must be sensed showing sufficient water level or...
  5. ImonTheThreat

    Water Spilled Condition: Laptop turning off while unplugged

    I have a Lenovo T450s, age: 7 months. It has two 3-cell batteries, one integrated, one removable. The day before yesterday, my mom spilled a glass of water accidentally on the laptop. And my instant reactions were: Unplugging the power cable Pressing the power button for 10 seconds Keeping the...
  6. J

    Water on laptop keyboard - Unable to log in

    Alright so a few hours ago I managed to spill water onto my laptop (like an idiot). With me being inexperienced, I decide to turn the laptop off and simply dry it with a few paper towels and then turning it on to check if it worked properly. It turns on fine, and boots into Windows...