wd elements

  1. javabob85

    WD Elements 2tb not seeing video files on TV

    I have been using a 500Gb WD Passport for years to watch .mp4's, mkv's,avi's, etc.[whatever they may be] on my Samsung TV. I just got a WD Elements 2Tb for the same purpose. The TV see's the source and opens to a menu once the video folder is chosen. BUT it then tells me there are no video...
  2. BrionyMae

    WD Elements 2TB Hard Drive not working on TV?

    My old Seagate 2TB hard drive broke recently so I bought a WD Elements 2TB portable to replace it. I configured the hard drive to FAT32 to work on my mac and put all my movies and tv shows back onto the hard drive. The hard drive works on my mac fine but doesn't work on my TV or Playstation or...