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    Windows Deployment System - Creating Images

    General Concept: Deploy a windows image (that contains pre-installed programs and features) via booting to PXE, for use by multiple computers with the same hardware. The Issue: I've set up a "Base model" pc with select programs and features installed. I can boot to PXE with this Base Model, but...
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    WDS (Windows Deployment Service) and DHCP

    Hello guys, I am trying to capture a custom windows image through WDS and then use WDS to deploy the same image back to other machines. I have some issue while doing this. Although I have setup the WDS, and have added an image on it to deploy, the reference computer can't seem to find the DHCP...
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    Capture custom Linux OS image using inbuilt Linux app's?

    Hello. I have an issue. I want to know if I can capture any Linux OS custom image using an in-built app? Example - I can use SysPrep to capture Windows image, but how do I go about capturing Linux image by using inbuilt linux app? Because after capturing, I want to use WDS (Windows...