web design

  1. M

    Help creating a custom search for website

    Hi everyone I’ve come across a problem and I was hoping someone here might be able to recommend a solution. I need to create a custom search for a website and I need the search to look for results from multiple domains. Eg. Someone searches for “Keyboard” and search function returns results...
  2. S

    Godaddy website builder and Google Ads

    I run a web site for a karate school and school is working with a company do google ads. In order for the ads to work correctly I was sent java code snippets to put head and in the body. As we are using Godaddy's web builder, not My choice, there is a properties setting for our home page with...
  3. M

    Making a Table Layout Responsive

    Having a hard time to make a table layout responsive Hi guys, So I created a layout successful through tables but I cannot make it into a responsive layout. It cuts the image rather than squeezing it inside the page. I know it's simple but I'm just a beginner. Any help will be appreciated...
  4. D

    Figma vs Sketch

    Hi guys I have always used Photoshop for web design. But now I understand that this is not always appropriate. I want to understand which program is better to use for web design. Which of these programs is better?
  5. S

    How to design table to be normalized

    How to design table to be normalized with many foreign key columns? I am designing a table in Teradata with about 30 columns. These columns are going to need to store several time-interval-style values such as Daily, Monthly, Weekly, etc. It is bad design to store the actual string values in...
  6. S

    How can i fix this blogger template? Help

    I downloaded MovieMag template by Soratemplates (https://www.soratemplates.com/2015/01/movie-mag-blogger-templates.html) However after I installed this template There are 2 annoying things 1) After I clicked menu items then They didn't get highlighted (Only "Home" is highlighted always) How can...
  7. S

    Designing and Developing a website

    Suppose I wanted to develop a website that includes a specific feature, this feature works as follows. There is a 3D image of a car on the webpage, beneath the image there is options to select the car color, vinyls, wheels, window-tint, etc. When the user plays with the available options the...
  8. puter hater

    Link Bar Properties Expression Web 4

    I am having issue getting the navigation straight in my website. I just can not comprehend what I need to do to get each page not to show " Add this page to the Navigation view to display hyperlinks here or Add this page to the navigation structure to display a page banner here. " Not...
  9. Antwish

    What is the best software for graphic and website design?

    I need to know what the best software is for graphic design and website design? What software is best for which different type of computer? So what is the best software for Apple or best software for Dell for example. How much does the software you recommend cost? Thanks for your time!!
  10. Antwish

    What computers are the best for creating websites and apps?

    I need to know what computers are the best for creating and maintaining websites and apps, for graphic design for creating logos and any software that is best for this as well please please. Another way to put my request is; If you are starting a company that creates websites and apps which...
  11. rich1972

    PHP form, not receiving email, SMTP authentication issue ??

    Dear all, I am trying to create a form which sends the info to my email. Before I begin to create the form, I have tried to practice on a simple feedback form first. I have created the HTML page with the simple feedback form (using dreamweaver CS6), and have created a php page, and entered the...