web development

  1. W

    e-commerce web site

    I want to know the best way to create an e-commerce web application similar to amazon, or eBay, including backend courier application support! Is it good using with frameworks like Shopify, Wordpress or any other frameworks or should I start it from scratch ? how much time? and how many...
  2. R


    I need to do the following and I know it is simple but I am at a loss. Please help asap. Create a function named 'myFirstFunction', in it console log "this is my first function!" Create a function named 'mySecondFunction' in it console log 'this is my second function!'
  3. B

    Help me get better at Web Development

    I want to get better at delevoping websites so I can make money from it but I don't have a computer, could anybody suggest ways to make websites on iPad that are free?
  4. puter hater

    Link Bar Properties Expression Web 4

    I am having issue getting the navigation straight in my website. I just can not comprehend what I need to do to get each page not to show " Add this page to the Navigation view to display hyperlinks here or Add this page to the navigation structure to display a page banner here. " Not...
  5. Antwish

    What is the best software for graphic and website design?

    I need to know what the best software is for graphic design and website design? What software is best for which different type of computer? So what is the best software for Apple or best software for Dell for example. How much does the software you recommend cost? Thanks for your time!!
  6. Antwish

    What computers are the best for creating websites and apps?

    I need to know what computers are the best for creating and maintaining websites and apps, for graphic design for creating logos and any software that is best for this as well please please. Another way to put my request is; If you are starting a company that creates websites and apps which...
  7. M

    Solved WYSIWYG Web building App/Program

    Hi, I normally build my websites from scratch. However, I am working on a website for someone who needs to be able to update the content of the site frequently and she would like to be able to do that herself. (I would like that too.) She has tried Wordpress.com but there is not enough options...
  8. shobuz99

    Tranfser of Drupal site to new host, fails.

    My friends have a Drupal developed website that they want to transfer to a different hosting service. Their current service, is also the company that developed their web site in Drupal, from its former HTML based site. My friends contacted another hosting service to do the migration and...