1. E

    Remove Scholar articles from google web search

    So im trying to learn about a particular biological concept but when I search for it I basically only get research papers on the topic and not something more basic and explanatory. Is there any way to remove academic results from a web search.
  2. bartino11

    Where did you learn web development?

    Was it at university or you're self taught specialist?
  3. P

    Solved How to access cpanel email from mail app?

    Hello there. I have created a email with domain (eg: [email protected]). To access emails, everytime i have to login to cpanel and then webmail. That’s a long process. How do I configure so that i get emails right to my mobile mail app or pc ?? Thanks in advance.
  4. G

    Hosting a domain with DS Lite and RPi

    Hello, I wanted to start a new project for myself to get familiar with networking, databases and so on. For that i wanted to get a domain and host it on my Raspberry Pi Zero. The problem is that my ISP only provides me with DS Lite. I would like to know if it's possible for my Pi to act as a...
  5. F

    Solved Netflix is suddently blocked on my PC

    I have tried Netflix.com on all of my browsers but i cant get to the site. The app in Store is not working. But Netflix.com is working on all of my other PC, Phone and Ipad. It says that the site is not available. So it is not the network. And when i am trying to get to the nettlix help site. It...
  6. M


    Hello, I've been having this problem for a while now and I'm not sure what is going on. Whenever I try to visit Youtube, or watch a youtube video (even if it's linked from another site), this page pops up and I can't figure out why or how to fix it. The page is entirely blank saev for the top...
  7. T

    WiFi connection problem

    Hello there, hopefully someone can help me out it’s my first time using this platform. Ok so my roommate decided to change internet providers so we got a new router. Tired to connect to the router with great difficulty on my laptop. My cell phone is connected to the WiFi and everything is...
  8. M

    Only google working - no other website

    Hi, Only google is working on my computer. Youtube, google maps... all google applications work but no other website. When I look for something on google, I can see google proposals, then when I click on the link it does not work. What can I do to repair it ? Thanks
  9. C

    Unable to disable safesearch or restricted mode on youtube

    My phone (galaxy s8)suddenly started acting up on Monday, my data was working really slow after I used hotspot on my laptop then laptop then I realized if I go on YouTube it won't let me read the comments anymore because it's on restricted mode and when I try to turn it off and on again, it...
  10. B

    Web issue

    Hello I'm having breaks in my browsers. I can not download off the net get error or any other reason possible. Iv uninstalled and reinstalled the network drivers still no fix. Can you help
  11. openreel

    WEB Catalog - Difficult to get full pdf link for fusker link

    The app of the following WEB Catalog (getting very popular in Japan nowadays) just enables you to download single or facing-up pages one by one in PDF (BTW, there are 1050 pages). When downloaded, the file is true PDF with rendered texts, not an image! You gonna see the PDF button just close to...
  12. K

    Google Chrome and color distortions

    Hey there, so I'm having a peculiar issue. This started happening about a week ago, and I'm not sure if I've accidentally done something to cause it or what. I haven't downloaded any new programs or what have you. But, lately when I'm *using google chrome* browsing websites such as Facebook...
  13. S

    Cannot access youtube and google

    I can access youtube and google on my laptop. But i can't access it in my other laptop and mobile. Other sites are working fine though.
  14. S

    Remote Web Access

    Ok so a weird situation everyone in our company can access the Remote Web Access URL while on the network or if there PC is on the domain. If the leave work and use the URL it will take them to the Remote Web Access prompt them for their windows credentials and they can select applications like...
  15. F

    Internet sharing

    Hello people of the tech guy forums, I am currently using my laptop to give my desktop pc internet access and the connection on my desktop drops every couple minutes and in order to get it back i must restart both computers and in doing so i get about 2 minutes of connection. At one point i was...
  16. T

    Can't open a forum i frequent

    So i frequent this forum and while chaning pages it just bugs out and an error message pops out Not Found The requested URL /forum was not found on this server. or No site configured at this address It works fine for other people, i checked google and did everything i could find, restarted...
  17. D

    New crasddata-error-spyattacktor.xyz

    Running Chrome under Windows 10 when a tab opened with "crasddata-error-spyattacktor.xyz" in the URL. The screen displayed the following pop-up: ----------- crasddata-error-spyattacktor.xyz says: **YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN INFECTED BY SPYWARE AND BLOCKED BY IT** Error #268D3 Please call us...
  18. M

    Connecting to Remote Database from Windows Forms

    I have a question regarding C# Windows Forms connecting to external hosted databases. I have asphostportal.com SQLServer 2008 database that I use for my web development database purposes. I am creating a C# windows form and I need that to connect to the database. I know how to connect a C#...
  19. coatl

    if you reopen a webpage, will it consume more cellular data?

    Hi, i often find myself closing a web page, then a little later that same session reopening it. Then, as i mainly rely on tethering my phone to my PC for internet, and have only a 2 GB data plan (which is all i can afford), i get concerned about whether each re-opening of a same page doubles its...
  20. E

    .htaccess error

    Help For my page i am designing i have added into my .htaccess file an errordocument which doesnt work and is causing my page to have an error 500 internal server Here is the code which is messing it up: //Custom 400 errors ErrorDocument 400 /errorpages/400.htm //Custom 401 errors...