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    How can I view or locate an ad that has been removed?

    Hiya, I'm trying to see if there is anyway to view this link again: https://www.autotrader.com.au/car/10027778/toyota/hilux/vic/brooklyn/single-cab I've essentially been sold a lemon and am really hoping I can find the original ad to help with my case :( Thanks in advance for any help!!
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    Solved How to make social icon open on new tab

    I would like the social icons, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on my website to open up in a new tab. I currently have a shopify store using the Boundless theme. I have seen mention of changing the code but I can't seem to find what it is or where to put it. Any ideas?
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    Review of Site Please

    Hello Good People of TSG, Thanks you in advance. I operate a small business, independent lodging operation. Would anyone be able to review a three page rudimentary site I have constructed using weebly. I can buy the domain outright but what do I do after buying it? They told me about adding...
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    Can't access internal webpage

    I go to a link on my Web page and it doesn't work because "This site can't be reached. took too long to respond." I've tried resetting winsock with netsh int ip reset reset.log hit And Netsh winsock reset The Web page is still not working. Nothing has changed in the past week...
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    Music not playing from website

    Please help - here is the scenario: Trying to play music (meditation soundtrack) from a site called Headspace.com. (This is a site where you pay for a daily meditation session, and you have to play it directly from the website - it can not be downloaded or saved in any way). So far so good...