website media not loading

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    Problem with sound on a website

    ok so I have a problem with sound on No sound what so ever. Every other website works What I have encountered is that does not work on home computer..also the app on my phone does not work. When im connected to another source of...
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    Free live streaming online is crashing

    Hi there, I wondered if you can help? I'm trying to watch free live streaming programmes on the internet (which is in HD) and this keeps crashing/freezing after about 10 minutes. Do you know why this is and what I could do to stop this? I have cleared my cookies and browser to try again and...
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    Accidentally ended a process in task manager

    Hi and thanks in advance for any advice offered! :) Running Windows 10 and hate it :'( Netflix page was loading but the videos wouldn't start, so I restarted the laptop- and same problem. The laptop was quite noisy (usually this happens when Windows is downloading updates or doing whatever...