website not working

  1. S

    Free live streaming online is crashing

    Hi there, I wondered if you can help? I'm trying to watch free live streaming programmes on the internet (which is in HD) and this keeps crashing/freezing after about 10 minutes. Do you know why this is and what I could do to stop this? I have cleared my cookies and browser to try again and...
  2. Summerdawnl0782

    Can't bring up any websites on internet explorer...

    Hi there I'm in desperate need of some assistance from a smart tech person, I was recently given a older laptop since my regular one was ruined, It is a older one but seems to be in great condition, the issue is I can connect to my wifi just fine but when I go to Internet explorer to go to...
  3. T

    Wifi Security

    This is mostly an issue with my wifi...the past two days, I haven't been able to access I'm on my dorm wifi at university, and this is the only website I have found that I don't have access to. I have tried different browsers, resetting firewalls on my antivirus, pretty much...
  4. J

    New Safe website know not working

    A website called which I use often and enjoy when I try to go on it know it says Threat has been dectedted but it never did in the past this is annoying because I want to use it how do i stop it being blocked