website stuff

  1. PnsZa

    Quick Review of Site please?

    Hello, friends, I just recently found this forum and looks a wealth of knowledge, will definitely be spending more time on here! I was just wondering if you web gurus could take a look at my website, I have a fairly high bounce rate on my analytics and was hoping someone could take a quick look...
  2. J

    I own a domain for a website, how do i use it?

    I own my own domain for a business however i wanted to build my own website but not use these free website builders does anyone know how to make a website from scratch and also how do i then use the domain with the website that i have designed?
  3. Antwish

    What computers are the best for creating websites and apps?

    I need to know what computers are the best for creating and maintaining websites and apps, for graphic design for creating logos and any software that is best for this as well please please. Another way to put my request is; If you are starting a company that creates websites and apps which...
  4. S

    Making a website work with 2 different things. {hard to exp}

    So. that was a bit hard to explain in the title. So it's better to explain here! So i have a website ran by myBB Forum Software until i can get money for Xenforo or until i can figure out Flarum. But basically. I want to make pages with Adobe muse and use those for my pages. BUT, i want to use...