1. E

    Can't load web pages with Safari

    Hi there! I am struggling with my MacBook safari - I cannot load webpages without a message stating “ Safari can’t verify the identity of the website ..... The certificate for this website is invalid...” I have reset all cache Reset the keychains Updated software Reset safari Fiddled with...
  2. M

    Hacking to personal computer by hacking person's website

    Hello folks, I have a question. So, I created a website. Alright, now I used the FileZilla to transfer my files to the website. Alright. Now my question is, in case If my website gets attacked, what are chances for hackers to gain the access to my own personal laptop through attacking my...
  3. L

    Two website - .co & .net, how to direct traffic to .co site

    Hi there My boss has two websites for his music side project - the older site and a newer one that has recently been created He's not really interested in the older one however when you type in his music alias name into Google, rude audio, the .net takes priority. He...
  4. S

    Solved "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

    I have a Windows 7 computer. I mainly use Google Chrome and Firefox as my browsers. I am trying to access a website called, but I am getting this blank page with the message "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I know it has something to do with my computer as it...
  5. G

    Access to and Download Deleted Twitch VOD using the link

    Hi everyone, I have a big problem I've always wanted to find the solution for. I follow a twitcher and I've always hated Twitch's VODs system, primarly because I lost lots of lives because of it. So, today I discovered that two of the shows I wanted to watch are disappeared. Luckily searching...
  6. GamerBlackAcid

    I have some improvement tips

    I have found out some tips to improve the site: 1. The home screen. (Not but is showing that i didn't login even though i did. 2. The images when inserted in the text keep saying
  7. B

    Making a website - html: how to link?

    We are trying to create a webshop in the program, atom. But we are unable to link a page to another in the program. For example: when you click on "Shop" it goes straight to one category like coffee, for instance, but the rest of the categories aren't responding. Can someone help us?
  8. T

    how do i create a database on a GitHub repository?

    i was going to create a foums system on my website: , but i wanted to actually have the database for the posts on a github repo. also i was wondering a way to link the repo and my website so that when someone on my website clicks "Create new thread," they get taken to...
  9. V

    Can't Provide A Secure Connection

    Hi I have a website and I did some recent changes to DNS files to point to one server to the next I was with 1 & 1 now I'm with godaddy. I could access the site okay up until I made DNS changes and so could my friend but now every time we search for it on goggle and in...
  10. B

    Wordpress Site Problems

    Hi, I am new to wordpress/hosting/everything. I was a wix customer before but decided to make a local directory site. I created the site two days ago, and was having issues with it loading slow. I ran speed tests, and started researching how to fix the problems. I did edit some of the code...
  11. D

    Unable to access my own website from my PC

    Hi I have a Dell PC windows 8 with IE and Chrome as the web browsers. I cant access my own company website from my PC from either browser however can from other computers and Phones. I am getting Not Secure before the website name in the browser. Have rebooted, Flushed DNS, Spoken to my Web...
  12. A

    Could anyone help me finish the databases before 12?

    it's a SQL file , and here there's a lot of error needed to be fix DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS `Game_store`; CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `Game_store`; USE `Game_store`; -- -- Table structure for table `Game`` -- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `Game`; CREATE TABLE `Game` ( `Gname` varchar(45) NOT...
  13. P

    XHRs load

    Hi, We have at school this website, where teacher gives us some exercises with grammar. I found that right answers can be found within XHR file that loads when you open an exercise, but when I go to the next one this XHR doesn't reload with new answer.
  14. H

    Database for an MVP

    I want to identify one or two possible databases to use with an MVP. I am creating a chatbot MVP, I will use web pages. And I will need a database to collect user experience. I want to know what people think about the 4 options that I present on the first page. I just want to collect clicks...
  15. L

    Website Data Question

    If I was to start a website like a dating website for example and there was 1000 signed up to it. How would I store their profiles and the chats they have between themselves and how much storage would I need? Would I need a server room etc?
  16. G

    Connection not private

    Hi guys, I have AVG anti virus that updated yesterday and now sites that I use everyday for work are coming up with message 'your connection is not private' . I'm not great with computers but have tried to fix it with online guides but now its blocking them the only site I can get onto is...
  17. R

    Probably Impossible Macro

    Assume I know nothing (yes my name is Jon). Anyway, I want excel to go to a url, populate some fields (date range, location), run the report, then download it in csv format. The url is actually an internal SQL database so this should be simple via just using a SQL table. However, my company...
  18. G

    Solved Rewrite rule - 301 redirect - main URL, not rest of site

    I want to redirect all pages on a site to a new domain with the same page URL structure. I'm using GoDaddy shared server. I added the code below to the .htaccess file and the code does redirect visits from the home page of the old site to the home page of the new site. However, no other pages...
  19. A

    Not Found: Url Not Found Error (only on non https websites)

    Hello there chaps the question I have is this. Whenever I try to access any website that doesn't have HTTPS: in front of it the webpage I was trying to access turns into a blank white page in which the only thing it has is this writing NOT FOUND Url not found: (url I was trying to access) The...
  20. F

    Interactive PDF problems

    Hi all, I am making a website on Weebly. I have a .PDF file containing sound when clicked on a trigger (an "sound" image. Using Javascript) The whole point of this PDF is gone when there's no sound. My question: Is there a way to embed or import the file to make these sound triggers work? If...